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Lorenz deepmax Z1

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Lorenz DEEPMAX Z1: limitless detector

In the selection of new generation detectors, those of the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 series see themselves as the most efficient. They are also among the most recent equipped with Pulse GBS technology. In other words, this range has all the qualities expected from a detector. In short, the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 considers itself to be the best detector on the market.

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Lorenz DEEPMAX Z1: carefully prepared

The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 is the result of several years of research and improvement. Although successful, its predecessors all had limits. However, for this time, the designers have largely caught up. Indeed, this model circumvents all the concerns likely to interfere with excavations. In addition, it has new features that distinguish it from other models.

DEEPMAX Z1 features:

  • First, it uses an ultra-sensitive detection device. So it gives you a signal as soon as it scans a metal element. This is why this material alerts you to each portion of the terrain. However, that won’t bother you. Indeed, it includes a recognition system. When in the field, this feature lets you know the nature of the object being scanned. So you will not waste your time on any scrap.
  • Second, as mentioned before, the DEEPMAX Z1 is fitted with the Pulse GBS. This system scans the ground at very great depths. Thanks to this system, this model is one of the few detectors designed for this use. In addition to this advantage, the Pulse GBS also standardizes the scan results. This means that no factor in the soil can affect the information collected. Here we refer to the salinity of the soil, the level of mineralization as well as the temperature. As a result, you will always get exact results regardless of the nature of the soil. At the same time, the DEEPMAX Z1 detector manages to limit the influences of power lines on its performance. Note that the results of conventional detectors can be distorted by electromagnetic fields.
  • Third, the DEEPMAX Z1 has two coils of different ratings. The large one is involved in research at very deep levels. By the strength of its signal, it can detect large elements. This is explained by the intensity of its magnetic field. With regard to the coil with the smaller dimension, it makes it possible to detect less voluminous objects. Use it if you are looking for pieces or jewelry buried just below the surface.

Technical optimizations for easier use

Optimizations are encountered not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of design and practicality. First, as you can see, this model has a more ergonomic shape. And during practice, it offers a better grip. So you can handle it easily. Thereafter, you have an LCD screen. Primarily, it displays the scan data. However, this screen also acts as a command interface. In this regard, the power on function of the device presents predefined and customizable parameters. You have the possibility to adapt the functionalities according to your needs.

In short, if you are looking for a detection device that is both efficient and practical, choose the DEEPMAX Z1. It presents all the criteria defining it as the best scanning device of the moment. In addition, its use does not require any particular knowledge in detection technology. Otherwise, in case of difficulty, refer to the user manual supplied with the device. It contains all the instructions for handling the DEEPMAX Z1 detector.

Potentiel de balayage du détecteur LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1

The depth of detection that the device can save: DELAY4 / GND4, SENS5.
The depth of the scan that the device performs can vary depending on the nature of the soil