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OKM Fusion

6500,00 HTVA    (7865,00 TVAC)

OKM FUSION 3D metal and soil detector

OKM FUSION is a metal and soil detector which benefits from a 3D system. Indeed, it is equipped with a system allowing to visualize the objects detected in depth in order to analyze them. This metal detector is very functional and even allows beginners in 3D to find many treasures.


OKM FUSION : Its many features

To begin, you should know that this detector has been created to allow a simplified use even for beginners in 3D. Thanks to the OKM FUSION detector you can easily find many treasures buried underground.

In addition, the design of this new device has evolved and we now offer a stronger and lighter detector.

  • This new model has the following features:
  • An already configured tablet PC
  • Radio headphones with Bluetooth connection Wireless data transmission
  • A complete system protected by
  • a waterproof box Visualizer 3D software visualization system
  • A second SRIS coil

okm fusion light
okm fusion light

Caractéristiques supplémentaires du OKM FUSION sont:

This new version allows you to use the detector only vertically. But the OKM FUSION system has two different modes. The first is the Ground Scan allows you to get a detailed analysis on your computer. To do this, the device is able to take a 3D graphical measurement. Then, the detector is designed to find ferrous metals by performing magnetic measurements.

We provide you with an SRIS exploration coil with your OKM FUSION. This coil is used to find shallow metal fragments (rings, pins, parts, …). This device also gives you the ability to find the exact location of objects before you start digging.

The Visualizez 3D Visualization System is a state-of-the-art tool. It gives you the ability to analyze and visualize everything you need to measure the unknown terrain you are examining. As a result, this highlight of Visualizer 3D is that it makes your research easier. Indeed, thanks to this tool you will be able to know directly to which depth and where you must dig exactly.

The OKM FUSION offers many features that allow you to facilitate your research.