Inventum Detector offers metal detectors, gold detectors, groundwater detector, diamond and gemstone detectors for all treasure hunters, prospectors and gold diggers all over the world.You can also find in our range of products water detectors for the search for groundwater up to a depth of 1200m.

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Discover our latest metal detectors, gold detector, water detector & ground radar

AJAX Primero – 9 systems

11200,00 HTVA    (13552,00 TVAC)
AJAX Primero combines the ergonomics of cutting-edge hardware with the performance of a complete system.

AJAX Gamma – 3 system

6700,00 HTVA    (8107,00 TVAC)

AJAX Gamma - professional detector

The AJAX Gamma detector model offers a new prospect of success for professional researchers.

AJAX Iota – 1 system

5800,00 HTVA    (7018,00 TVAC)

Ajax Iota detector - a practical and efficient detector

Looking for a reliable and precise detector dedicated to the search for gold deposits? Let yourself be tempted by the performance of the AJAX Iota detector.

AJAX Segma – 3 systems

4800,00 HTVA    (5808,00 TVAC)

Ajax Segma - the detector for great depths

Looking for a device capable of scanning very deep? Choose the Ajax Segma detector and make your dream of finding treasures come true.

AJAX Alpha – 2 system

Original price was: 4600,00€.Current price is: 3500,00€. HTVA    (4235,00 TVAC)

Long range detection with AJAX Alpha detector

Want to try the treasure hunt experience? Choose the Alpha model from the Ajax range.

AJAX Omega – 3 systems

4600,00 HTVA    (5566,00 TVAC)

The AJAX Omega underground water detector

Choose the performance of a professional device using the Ajax Omega detector in your research work.

Ajax Troy – 2 systems

4000,00 HTVA    (4840,00 TVAC)
The Ajax Troy - gold, metal and cavity detector is designed to be extremely efficient, providing precise measurements of the shape, size, type as well as depth of detected targets. Indeed, it has 2 highly efficient research systems developed by specialized engineers and tested globally to guarantee reliable results. Considering efficiency goes well beyond the concept of depth, Ajax Troy: Inspired By The Future.

Ares Gold Detector – 4 systems

3300,00 HTVA    (3993,00 TVAC)
The Ares Gold Detector metal detector is an all-in-one device: intelligent, quality, high precision, efficient, luxurious but also flexible to handle. If you are searching for gold and burials in large terrains and open areas including unknown targets, you mainly need a tool that will guide you to the location of the buried target over long distances, then which will confirm the existence of the target thanks to a precise sound search system which can determine the depth, size and type of the target! You absolutely need this professional technology to help you achieve your goals quickly and intelligently.

AJAX Tropic – 3 systems

1700,00 HTVA    (2057,00 TVAC)
The AJAX Tropic gold detector has the advantage of precise and differentiating determination of different types of underground targets. Indeed, this gold and metal detector accurately indicates the type and identity of each target thanks to its 3 detection systems. This intelligent device allows you to scan floors quickly but also easily with a multilingual interface and great flexibility of use. This brand new device notably has an advanced target differentiation system. Thanks to him, finding gold, precious metals and burials has never been easier.

Hydro Tracker – 4 systems

7000,00 HTVA    (8470,00 TVAC)
The search for groundwater is now simplified and more reliable thanks to the AJAX Hydro Tracker: a high-performance groundwater detector! Equipped with 4 complete and integrated search systems, this device can detect and locate any type of water table, the exact depth of water reservoirs, humidity, salinity or even soil temperature. Equipped with a special unit to purify the signal Hydro Tracker sends this data to a powerful processor, ensuring fast and accurate searching.


13100,00 HTVA    (15851,00 TVAC)

TITAN GER 1000, five-system detector

The world's first device to use 5 detection systems. Use the latest technology to detect gold and buried treasure with the TITAN GER 1000 detector.


3900,00 HTVA    (4719,00 TVAC)

TITAN GER 500 PLUS, detecting diamonds and precious stones

Introducing the long-distance diamond and gem detector. With TITAN GER 500 PLUS, you can choose from a wide range of underground search functions.

Easy Way – 3D imaging system

4100,00 HTVA    (4961,00 TVAC)

Easy Way, the 3D imaging detector

If you're looking for a concealable gold, metal and underground cavity detector that can detect to a depth of 18 meters, and features 3D imaging, Easy Way is your nugget.  

Gold Hunter

2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)

Gold Hunter, long-distance gold detector

If you're looking for gold, buried treasure or even diamonds, then the Gold Hunter is for you. Thanks to its multiple functions, it enables simple and effective long-distance detection.

Diamond Hunter

2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)

Diamond Hunter, long-distance diamond detector

If you're looking for a long-distance diamond and gem detector, the Diamond Hunter is for you. In fact, thanks to its multiple functions, it enables you to detect diamonds of all kinds, as well as detailed underground detection of precious stones, with a front range of up to 2000m and a depth of up to 35m.

Fresh Result 2 Plus

6200,00 HTVA    (7502,00 TVAC)

Fresh Result 2 Plus, geophysical system detector

Combine cutting-edge technology with a long-distance system and a geophysical system for groundwater detection with Fresh Result 2 Plus.

OKM Bionic X4

9785,00 HTVA    (11839,85 TVAC)

OKM Bionic X4, the long-distance gold detector

OKM BIONIC X4, the long-distance gold detector combined with an Android smartphone. Benefit from a visual detection aid with automatic Bluetooth connection between your smartphone and the OKM BIONIC X4.


9990,00 HTVA    (12087,90 TVAC)

OKM ROVER C4, its multiple operating modes for gold detection

Are you looking for native gold or buried precious metals? Then OKM ROVER C4 is for you. It combines state-of-the-art technology with Ground Scan, Pinpointer, Mineral Scan and Magnetometer operating modes. This makes it a practical and easy-to-use metal detector.

OKM EXP 4500

11600,00 HTVA    (14036,00 TVAC)

OKM EXP 4500, treasure-hunting detector

OKM EXP 4500, the high-performance metal detector. It is designed for 3D archaeological studies and metal detection. But also treasure hunting and buried artifacts.


1890,00 HTVA    (2286,90 TVAC)

OKM GOLD LABOR, the state-of-the-art gold detector

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art detector to detect native gold? Then the OKM GOLD LABOR is for you. This detector is for gold miners and prospectors. They determine gold content, gold and mineral deposits and soil samples.

OKM EXP 6000

21990,00 HTVA    (26607,90 TVAC)

OKM EXP 6000, the top-of-the-range metal detector

OKM EXP 6000 is one of OKM's top-of-the-range models. In fact, this completely wireless detector can be operated via a touch screen. But also with video glasses, or Android PC tablets. What's more, it is the world's first detector to use the new telescopic probe. It ranges from 50 to 120 cm.


19990,00 HTVA    (24187,90 TVAC)

OKM GEPARD, flexible radar to detect ground anomalies

First, if you are looking for a flexible, transportable and high performance ground radar to locate anomalies in the basement? Then OKM GEPARD is for you. Indeed, detect pipes, gutters, tunnels, caves, bunkers, etc., using this powerful detector.

8490,00 HTVA    (10272,90 TVAC)

OKM ROVER UC high-tec detector with 3D imaging system

OKM ROVER UC, the secret metal detector. In fact, take advantage of three-dimensional imagery of the basement to explore missing objects. The Rover UC metal detector introduces a whole new generation of outdoor measuring devices which are smaller, compact and cannot be recognized as a metal detector. With the smartphone as the central unit you receive a compact and universal device. Do you need more information and prices for our geophysical instruments and metal detectors? MADE IN GERMANY

8990,00 HTVA    (10877,90 TVAC)

OKM GEOSEEKER, geoelectric detector to find water

OKM GEOSEEKER is the geoelectric detector for the detection of water and cavities up to a depth of 250m. In fact, this professional detector performs resistance measurements. In addition, it visualizes the data in a 3D image in order to obtain precision results.

4900,00 HTVA    (5929,00 TVAC)

OKM BLACK HAWK, pulsed induction metal detector

OKM BLACK HAWK, the pulsed induction metal detector. Indeed, this very effective metal detector has a high performance for detecting in the depths. Even on different types of soils.


5400,00 HTVA    (6534,00 TVAC)

OKM EXP EVOLUTION NTX, detector for treasure hunting

OKM EVOLUTION NTX, the German metal detector with its entry-level at affordable prices. Indeed, it is optimized compared to the old version and this for metal detection. But also for lovers of treasure hunts.


6490,00 HTVA    (7852,90 TVAC)

OKM GEOSEEKER, geoelectric detector to find water

OKM GEOSEEKER is the geoelectric detector for the detection of water and cavities up to a depth of 250m. In fact, this professional detector performs resistance measurements. In addition, it visualizes the data in a 3D image in order to obtain precision results.

OKM Fusion

6500,00 HTVA    (7865,00 TVAC)

OKM FUSION 3D metal and soil detector

OKM FUSION is a metal and soil detector which benefits from a 3D system. Indeed, it is equipped with a system allowing to visualize the objects detected in depth in order to analyze them. This metal detector is very functional and even allows beginners in 3D to find many treasures.

OKM fusion light

4990,00 HTVA    (6037,90 TVAC)

OKM Fusion light: professional metal detector

A detector that is both very functional, but with exceptional handling: this is the OKM fusion light. Discover prospecting more comfortable than ever, linked to formidable efficiency. Thanks to the new OKM Fusion light, no treasure will be able to resist you.

Okm Pulse Nova

1990,00 HTVA    (2407,90 TVAC)
The all-new Pulse Nova is designed to accurately and easily detect your relics. For leisure or professional reasons, it is suitable for everyone. It is a very deep pulsed induction detector which allows you to detect large metallic masses buried up to 3m deep! Easy to use, searching for metals becomes child's play.

OKM Delta Ranger – 2 systems

7990,00 HTVA    (9667,90 TVAC)
The OKM Delta Ranger has 2 multi-technology systems. They allow long-range detection over several kilometers and up to 18 m depth of all types of precious metals. You will be able to easily and quickly find gold and buried treasures or even detect underground voids and tunnels.

Delta Ranger Professionnel – 6 systèmes

11990,00 HTVA    (14507,90 TVAC)
The Delta Ranger is a professional precious metal detector that not only detects gold but also performs 3D ground scanning and deep subsurface analysis. This detector uses two probes which give it great sensitivity for metal detection. The Delta Ranger Professional also has advanced features such as the Magnetometer and 3D Ground Scan to take vertical measurements of the subsurface.


650,00 HTVA    (786,50 TVAC)

NOKTA FORS GOLD PLUS, the gold detector for streams and rivers

NOKTA Fors Gold Plus is the detector for gold prospecting, with advanced capabilities. Thanks to its 19 KHz frequency. But also to its discrimination modes, it adapts perfectly to difficult terrain. What's more, its two sealed Double-D disks make it an excellent gold detector. Especially for use in streams and rivers.

650,00 HTVA    (786,50 TVAC)

NOKTA FORS CORE, the professional metal detector

NOKTA Fors Core is a professional metal detector designed with advanced technology. Thus, it represents the perfect choice for the detection of coins and relics.

800,00 HTVA    (968,00 TVAC)

NOKTA GOLDENSENSE, detect small targets

The NOKTA Goldensense detector has been specially developed for gold nuggets, coins, and all other small metal targets. Thanks to it, you can easily detect targets at great depths.

740,00 HTVA    (895,40 TVAC)

NOKTA IMPACT, multi-frequency impact metal detector

NOKTA Impact the impact metal detector. Indeed discover new hidden treasures thanks to this multi-frequency detector. Thus, it is the combination of several detectors in one. Indeed, it uses advanced technology while being easy to use.


570,00 HTVA    (689,70 TVAC)

NOKTA VELOX ONE, detect jewelry, coins and old objects

The NOKTA Velox One, the ideal detector for finding coins, jewelry, old objects and weakly conductive objects that are difficult to detect. In addition, it is also ideal for very mineralized or saturated ferrous terrains.


115,00 HTVA    (139,15 TVAC)

NOKTA POINTER, locate a target easily

If you are looking for a detector that will locate your target quickly and easily, then NOKTA POINTER is for you. Indeed, being able to be used under water as on ground this apparatus quickly rakes the large surfaces.


135,00 HTVA    (163,35 TVAC)

NOKTA RS PINPOINTER, simple and effective detection

NOKTA RS PINPOINTER is the detector that will allow you to locate objectives quickly and easily.

NOKTA invenio

7000,00 HTVA    (8470,00 TVAC)

NOKTA invenio, the intelligent detector

The NOKTA Invenio metal detector for a new era of detection. Indeed, it is the world's first intelligent detection and imaging system.

970,00 HTVA    (1173,70 TVAC)

NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI, the waterproof metal detector

The NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI detector has been designed to be completely waterproof. This detector is the most efficient and complete detector in the NOKTA MAKRO ANFIBIO series. This device allows you to have incredible performance in terms of speed and this, on all types of terrain.


200,00 HTVA    (242,00 TVAC)

The NOKTA PULSE DIVE detector: your ally in underwater research

The Nokta Pulse Dive detector supports you in deep sea research.

Lorenz deepmax Z1

4850,00 HTVA    (5868,50 TVAC)

Lorenz DEEPMAX Z1: limitless detector

In the selection of new generation detectors, those of the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 series see themselves as the most efficient. They are also among the most recent equipped with Pulse GBS technology. In other words, this range has all the qualities expected from a detector. In short, the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 considers itself to be the best detector on the market.

Lorenz z2

4850,00 HTVA    (5868,50 TVAC)
Lorenz z2: the new powerful detector for your detection The Lorenz z2 is one of the new generation detectors equipped with great depth detection technology. If its predecessor, the Lorenz z1 already offers many features, this new version has more.

Metal detector, gold detector, underground water detector

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You are welcome in our INVENTUM DETECTOR showroom where you will find a large selection of metal detectors for your precious metal searches. Are you amateurs or professionals? Whatever your profile, our detectors are simple to use and easy to handle. You can also find groundwater detectors that can reach depths of 1200m. Some of our ground radars are provided with software to visualize the underground imagery. This will help you determine the exact depth of buried objects. Finally, we will be sure to tell you about our long-distance gold detectors, the price of which varies according to individual budgets.

PROSOPECTORS: Are you looking for a metal detector? Looking for family treasures?

Mainly many countries that suffered wars caused our ancestors to hide their savings and valuables. For example, treasures can be found in cellars, walls, wells or underground in a garden.

So don’t wait any longer! Contact us without further delay to discover a treasure too! We are at your disposal to advise you and find the most suitable metal detector for your research. Our metal detector store also supplies gold detectors for searching for gold nuggets. You will be able to explore countries such as Ivory Coast, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Congo, Niger, Sudan, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.

Our new models of gold detectors for sale 2019 from the Ajax Detector brand are Ajax Alpha, Segam, Electra, Iota, Gamma, Primero, at Ger detect are the Deep Seeker, the Gold seeker, the Uig Ground Scanner 3D, Easy Way Smart, and the Gold Hunter Smart. As well as the Okm brand ground radars: the Okm Fusion Light and the Okm Delta Ranger. Regarding vlf and pulsed induction detectors, we find Ajax Ares, Ajax Tropic, Goldenway and Uig Gold Digger. Also find the best Br Systems metal detector like the famous Gold Step Pro Max, Br 100 Pro, Br 50 Target Max, Br 20 Pro for searching for native gold in highly mineralized soils…

Indeed, leisure detection is a real pleasure for those who like to discover buried objects. Do you want to buy a metal detector? Our team is at your disposal to advise you!



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Discover it, get in touch with us, stay informed and follow our news!



Discover it, get in touch with us, stay informed and follow our news!

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