Cavity detector

A cavity detector is a tool designed to locate forgotten underground spaces such as tunnels, cellars, old trenches, catacombs, burial chambers, etc. Nowadays, there are detectors using two types of technology on the market. The first is based on seismic measurement while the second uses geoelectric measurement.

Seismic or geoelectric measurement

Certain detectors ensure the prospection of these cavities thanks to a specific technology based on the capacity of sound waves to undergo refractions. This is called seismic measurement. Another method is based on geoelectric measurement, which analyzes the resistance of the subsoil and possibly detects the presence of water. Whether you are looking for an old underground tunnel, an old cellar or a World War I trench … chances are you are going to use these techniques. Besides, you don’t always have to go far to uncover really interesting curiosities.

Cavity detector: the ally of geologists and archaeologists

Are you a professional on a geological mission or a digger who scours archaeological sites? In this case, you undoubtedly know the exceptional specifications of the latest generation professional devices? These detectors are indeed able to carry out extremely precise seismic or geoelectric measurements. But even if you are an amateur prospector looking for cavities, crypts and bunkers or metallic objects, you can also take advantage of these technologies thanks to the increasing democratization of these cavity detectors. Have you discovered an old document indicating the presence of a burial chamber buried under a church? Or were you told about a bunker where people from your village took refuge during the war? Exploring these buried remains is yours … The basements of our regions are full of treasures and traces of our history.

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Ajax Troy – 2 systems

4000,00 HTVA    (4840,00 TVAC)
The Ajax Troy - gold, metal and cavity detector is designed to be extremely efficient, providing precise measurements of the shape, size, type as well as depth of detected targets. Indeed, it has 2 highly efficient research systems developed by specialized engineers and tested globally to guarantee reliable results. Considering efficiency goes well beyond the concept of depth, Ajax Troy: Inspired By The Future.

Ares Gold Detector – 4 systems

3300,00 HTVA    (3993,00 TVAC)
The Ares Gold Detector metal detector is an all-in-one device: intelligent, quality, high precision, efficient, luxurious but also flexible to handle. If you are searching for gold and burials in large terrains and open areas including unknown targets, you mainly need a tool that will guide you to the location of the buried target over long distances, then which will confirm the existence of the target thanks to a precise sound search system which can determine the depth, size and type of the target! You absolutely need this professional technology to help you achieve your goals quickly and intelligently.

BR 100 PRO – 3 systems

3950,00 HTVA    (4779,50 TVAC)
The new version of the BR 100 PRO combines the new technology of long-range detection systems as well as vertical target detection. It makes reaching the detected object much easier and faster than before. It also allows you to choose the type of metal of the target to detect.

BR 20 Pro – 1 system

Original price was: 2400,00€.Current price is: 2000,00€. HTVA    (2420,00 TVAC)
When you turn on the BR 20 Pro and choose the metal to detect, the device will start directing you to detected targets in your area. B.U.M automatic detection technology connects you to potential targets in an area in a short time.

BR 50 Target Max – 2 systems

2900,00 HTVA    (3509,00 TVAC)
Integrated between the long-range radar system and the new ion detection system, the BR 50 Target Max is the newborn device developed by BR Systems. The speed and accuracy of its analysis of the location of the detected object allows you to reach your target faster than before. This detector has been manufactured in a way that makes it one of the most responsive tools when it comes to metal detecting.

Delta Ranger Professionnel – 6 systèmes

11990,00 HTVA    (14507,90 TVAC)
The Delta Ranger is a professional precious metal detector that not only detects gold but also performs 3D ground scanning and deep subsurface analysis. This detector uses two probes which give it great sensitivity for metal detection. The Delta Ranger Professional also has advanced features such as the Magnetometer and 3D Ground Scan to take vertical measurements of the subsurface.

Gold Hunter Smart

Original price was: 2850,00€.Current price is: 2350,00€. HTVA    (2843,50 TVAC)
This detector is made in Germany and has a two-year warranty. The Gold Hunter Smart can be considered the best metal detector on the market. Its 4 systems associated with its numerous functionalities make it possible to prospect for all precious metals such as gold but also buried treasures and diamonds.

Gold Step Pro Max – 5 systems

5400,00 HTVA    (6534,00 TVAC)
World number 1 in long-range detection devices, the effectiveness of the Gold Step Pro Max is recognized in the gold and precious metals prospecting industry. A real must-have for 7 years, no valuable object hidden underground can escape it.

OKM Delta Ranger – 2 systems

7990,00 HTVA    (9667,90 TVAC)
The OKM Delta Ranger has 2 multi-technology systems. They allow long-range detection over several kilometers and up to 18 m depth of all types of precious metals. You will be able to easily and quickly find gold and buried treasures or even detect underground voids and tunnels.

River F Smart – 3 systèmes

Original price was: 2800,00€.Current price is: 2300,00€. HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)
The River F Smart is a versatile device that uses 3 distinct search systems: 1 - A system for searching for fresh water. 2 - A salt water detection system. 3 - A ground radar system allowing the detection of water with ease and great precision as well as the determination of its depth in meters or centimeters. This detection equipment also has an extended range to detect groundwater and artesian wells in the ground.

Royal Analyzer Pro – 4 systems

7500,00 HTVA    (9075,00 TVAC)
First of all, the Royal Analyzer Pro has an imaging system. This device is the most accurate for all prospectors and gold seekers. It is the perfect tool for prospecting and exploration companies around the world. The new version of the Royal Analyzer Pro is the first precision tool with an integrated 3D imaging system.


3750,00 HTVA    (4537,50 TVAC)
To begin with, the UIG GROUND SCANNER DETECTOR ground scanner is one of the best German industries. This terrestrial imaging and live scanning system also has the European certificate in accordance with international standards as well as the international ISO 9001 certificate in accordance with international specifications and standards. This device, which uses 3D technology, is therefore designed to be versatile, functional and compatible with all countries and regions. Discover and test this innovative detector.