Gold detector: our products and their characteristics

Are you looking for a gold detector capable of detecting a few treasures? We offer you our wide range of expert products in the detection of natural gold on new sites and grounds. So, to find these hidden treasures, you can easily use our gold detectors in unknown territories.

When an explorer has no landmarks on his research ground, the task can be more delicate. This is why, using a gold detector among our proposed brands will allow the researcher to limit his exploration area to 1 square meter. Among our gold detectors, we offer the Ajax Primero, Ajax Alpha, Ajax Iota, Titan 1000. But also the Gold Hunter, Deepseeker and the Rover C4. These are ideal for any type of research.

The slightest change in the magnetic and ionic fields of a medium will cause a gold detector to react with precision. Our products are very effective in regions with a low population, especially in open fields.

If you choose a long range gold detector, you will be able to detect natural gold such as gold nuggets or gold veins. That’s not all, your research may also lead to buried gold; statuettes, coins, cavities and tombs.

We guarantee that our products will help you accurately determine the location of gold, silver and other minerals. And this thanks to the integrated sensor technology.

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Deep Seeker

7250,00 HTVA    (8772,50 TVAC)

Deep Seeker, the detector with multiple systems.

If you are looking for a metal detector with several trusted systems, GER Deep Seeker is for you! Indeed, carry out your research with confidence thanks to the different validation systems for your target of this detector. We explain to you.

Easy Way – Système d’imagerie 3D

4100,00 HTVA    (4961,00 TVAC)

Easy Way, the 3D imaging detector

If you are looking for a concealable gold, metal and underground cavity detector that can detect up to 18 meters deep and has 3D imagery, Easy Way is your nugget.

Gold Hunter

2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)

Gold Hunter, long range gold detector

If you are looking for gold, buried treasure or diamonds, then the Gold Hunter is for you. Indeed, thanks to its multiple functionalities, it allows simple and effective detection at long range.


13100,00 HTVA    (15851,00 TVAC)

TITAN GER 1000, detector with five systems

The first device in the world using 5 detection systems. Use advanced technology to detect gold and treasures buried on the ground using the TITAN GER 1000 detector.


2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)

GER GOLD SEEKER state-of-the-art gold detector

GER Gold Seeker is the state-of-the-art native gold and precious metals underground detector. Indeed, it combines several new technology systems in order to get the best out of precision.

2400,00 HTVA    (2904,00 TVAC)

MINELAB CTX3030: the most precise target identification

The MINELAB CTX3030 is an all-terrain device which is distinguished by an extremely efficient target identification.
You will therefore find even more treasures on the LCD screen! Even in the most polluted soils and in all ground conditions.

900,00 HTVA    (1089,00 TVAC)

MINELAB GOLD MONSTER 1000, the automatic gold digger

Extremely efficient but also very easy to use, the MINELAB GOLD MONSTER 1000 is the ideal tool to guide novice prospectors when they are taking their first steps in detecting gold. It is indeed fully automatic. Guaranteed results!

AJAX Alpha – 2 system

4900,00 HTVA    (5929,00 TVAC)

Long range detection with AJAX Alpha detector

Want to try the treasure hunt experience? Choose the Alpha model from the Ajax range.

AJAX Gamma – 3 system

6700,00 HTVA    (8107,00 TVAC)

AJAX Gamma – professional detector

The AJAX Gamma detector model offers a new prospect of success for professional researchers.

AJAX Iota – 1 system

5800,00 HTVA    (7018,00 TVAC)

Ajax Iota detector – a practical and efficient detector

Looking for a reliable and precise detector dedicated to the search for gold deposits? Let yourself be tempted by the performance of the AJAX Iota detector.

AJAX Primero – 9 systems

11200,00 HTVA    (13552,00 TVAC)

AJAX Primero combines the ergonomics of cutting-edge hardware with the performance of a complete system.

AJAX Segma – 3 systems

4800,00 HTVA    (5808,00 TVAC)

Ajax Segma – the detector for great depths

Looking for a device capable of scanning very deep? Choose the Ajax Segma detector and make your dream of finding treasures come true.