Underwater metal detector

Many diving lovers accustomed to plying the deep sea are passionate today for the prospecting of treasures in the open sea. It is that there are a lot of wrecks engulfed in the oceans. And necessarily, to locate their targets, they seek to have a good underwater metal detector.

Perfectly adapted equipment

Nowadays, some metal detectors are actually designed to be used underwater. They are remarkably waterproof (even up to great depths for some models). Miniaturization has also gone through this and these devices are now significantly more compact and light than in the past. Finally, current technologies often provide automatic functionality and predefined settings that make it easier for less experienced divers. In addition, many detectors are hybrid and work both on land and at sea. Beginners can therefore start by exploring their device on land. This is a very useful step before they leave cluttered with their oxygen cylinders and other diving equipment.

Choosing your underwater metal detector

It all depends of course on the type of dive you are doing. Your needs will not be the same if you are a fan of snorkeling or if you are rather passionate about great depths. Because the range of underwater detection devices is quite wide. From amphibious models up to 3 or 4 meters deep to submersible devices up to 60 meters deep, you will also choose your underwater metal detector according to your level of expertise. Newer prospectors often prefer more automated models. Also remember to choose accessories designed to go in the water (waterproof headphones and pinpoint, for example). Once you have your equipment, you will be ready to set off to exploit these real treasure troves of the oceans.

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200,00 HTVA    (242,00 TVAC)

The NOKTA PULSE DIVE detector: your ally in underwater research

The Nokta Pulse Dive detector supports you in deep sea research.

2850,00 HTVA    (3448,50 TVAC)


MINELAB SDC presents its latest concept in metal detection. Discover the MINELAB SDC2300 now. He finds both small nuggets and the famous “retirement nuggets”. Underwater as on land, you will be seduced by its ease of use and its foolproof efficiency.

970,00 HTVA    (1173,70 TVAC)

NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI, the waterproof metal detector

The NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI detector has been designed to be completely waterproof. This detector is the most efficient and complete detector in the NOKTA MAKRO ANFIBIO series. This device allows you to have incredible performance in terms of speed and this, on all types of terrain.


620,00 HTVA    (750,20 TVAC)

MAKRO KRUZER, a major asset for beach prospectors

Take advantage of the robust and waterproof design of the MAKRO KRUZER detector to detect metals. In addition, if you are a beach hunter, it is ideal for you. Indeed, its advanced beach mode offers stable performance on the floor of the wet salt beach. But also underwater.


705,00 HTVA    (853,05 TVAC)

MAKRO GOLD KRUZER, gold detector with advanced technology

The MAKRO GOLD KRUZER detector is the ideal detector for prospecting for gold. Indeed, it detects the smallest nuggets while ignoring the difficult terrain conditions, but also the highly mineralized stones in the gold-bearing terrain.