The 7 ranges of AJAX metal detectors adapt to your needs and your criteria for optimal research.

So find the 7 series:


The Alpha detector allows you to locate different metals, such as gold, with great precision. Its effectiveness extends to 50 meters below the ground surface.

The Gamma model also goes deep, and its scanning area extends to 40m2.

The AJAX Iota detector focuses on the long detection range. It combines technology and various functionalities to allow you an in-depth research.

The Omega series focuses on finding groundwater. These detectors locate the position with great precision, up to 500 meters below the ground surface.

The Primero model has no less than 9 detection systems, and offers a horizontal range of up to more than 2800 meters.

The AJAX Segma detector detects gold and metals like no other detector.

Finally, the Electra model supports you in the search for diamonds.

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AJAX Alpha – 2 system

4900,00 HTVA    (5929,00 TVAC)

Long range detection with AJAX Alpha detector

Want to try the treasure hunt experience? Choose the Alpha model from the Ajax range.

AJAX Gamma – 3 system

6700,00 HTVA    (8107,00 TVAC)

AJAX Gamma – professional detector

The AJAX Gamma detector model offers a new prospect of success for professional researchers.

AJAX Iota – 1 system

5800,00 HTVA    (7018,00 TVAC)

Ajax Iota detector – a practical and efficient detector

Looking for a reliable and precise detector dedicated to the search for gold deposits? Let yourself be tempted by the performance of the AJAX Iota detector.

AJAX Omega – 3 systems

4600,00 HTVA    (5566,00 TVAC)

The AJAX Omega underground water detector

Choose the performance of a professional device using the Ajax Omega detector in your research work.

AJAX Primero – 9 systems

11200,00 HTVA    (13552,00 TVAC)

AJAX Primero combines the ergonomics of cutting-edge hardware with the performance of a complete system.

AJAX Segma – 3 systems

4800,00 HTVA    (5808,00 TVAC)

Ajax Segma – the detector for great depths

Looking for a device capable of scanning very deep? Choose the Ajax Segma detector and make your dream of finding treasures come true.