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AJAX Gamma – 3 system

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AJAX Gamma – professional detector

The AJAX Gamma detector model offers a new prospect of success for professional researchers.

ajax gamma

Multi-task device for optimal search


The AJAX Gamma detector has a multi-tasking function. In other words, the latter makes it possible to establish a complete study plan. As you can imagine, this is accomplished through several materials and programs. Thus, they ensure the realization of the scan as well as the success of the depth analyzes.

After that, on your side, you have a 5-inch LCD screen with high resolution. You will see through this monitor all the scan results. Then it allows you to control the functionality of various software. Note that these guarantee the smooth running of research work. First of all, choose the program function and define your search path. Also, set the search function according to the target you want the device to detect. Despite the complexity of this device, its use is for everyone. The fact is that you have several tools, but already preprogrammed. So there is nothing too complicated even if you still have to customize some settings.

AJAX Gamma

First, the Ajax Gamma detector offers you one of the most efficient technologies dedicated to the search for gold deposits. In addition, this advanced detector locates cavities in the ground as well as other dense minerals. Namely, the performance of this detector relies on advanced techniques coupled with a unique electronic base. In all, the whole revolutionizes the concept of detection and underground imagery. In addition, this professional detection device operates with 3 scanning and identification systems.


The 3 systems included in the Ajax Gamma detector

Gradyometric system

The main role of gradyometric systems is to identify the metallic elements of the soil. In other words, as soon as the nature of the soil changes, the system determines the category of the element.

The device has a design allowing it to be easier to use. Although the size of the device is particularly large, it can move around without much effort. Because indeed, we provide with the two components of the device innovative detection tools.

Sysème d'imagerie 3D - Ajax Gamma

Direct imaging system

The camera’s imaging system stands out for its great performance. This is the first global version offering an integrated direct system. More concretely, a single screen is enough. The moment the device detects a change, it presents a live image of the item. It thus becomes possible to know the nature, the dimensions as well as the exact location of the metallic body. [/ Vc_column_text]

Système d'imagerie directe - Ajax Gamma

3D soil imaging system

The imaging system was designed to clearly show the position of a metallic object in the ground. Multifunctional, it offers options to facilitate searches. The user can choose automatic search or opt for the manual option. The searches depend on the settings on the stages, the method of structuring, the starting point and other criteria.

For those who are more comfortable with tablet PCs, you must install the Ajax application. We can effectively link the two devices via Bluetooth. The work tool thus becomes much more efficient

Sysème d'imagerie 3D - Ajax Gamma

Technical specifications

AJAX Gamma detector interface

Impact accessories and parts

Accessoires ajax Gamma