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TITAN GER 500 PLUS 3900,00 HTVA    (4719,00 TVAC)


13100,00 HTVA    (15851,00 TVAC)

TITAN GER 1000, detector with five systems

The first device in the world using 5 detection systems. Use advanced technology to detect gold and treasures buried on the ground using the TITAN GER 1000 detector.



TITAN GER 1000 a long range system

First of all, the Titan GER 1000 detector is very precise for discrimination. But also the identification as well as the signal tracking. Indeed, it guides you towards the target by orienting the smart digital screen of the detector. This is why, when the target is detected, its direction appears on the screen. So you can go to the target in an area of 1m².

In addition, the detector allows selection in the process of finding a metal. So you can choose from gold, copper, natural gold, silver, bronze, gemstones, etc. But, it also offers the possibility of determining the frontal range going from 500m to 2500m, while detecting up to a depth of 45m underground.


TITAN GER 1000 an ionic system

Indeed, the TITAN GER 1000 detector has an ionic system. That is to say that buried objects transform over time into ionic fields when they interact with the ground. This is why one of the important advantages of this system is that you do not need to travel long ranges. Indeed, the device emits an audible alarm when it detects an object. This makes it easier to circumscribe an area per square meter where you are.

In addition, you can discover the target by prospecting at the wheel of your vehicle since the device has a frontal range of 2,500m and 45m deep.

TITAN GER 1000 a 3D imaging system

Thus, combine these systems with high-precision imaging. Indeed, the innovative technology of this detector allows the digitization of all the layers of the soil. Thus, you will be able to see display on your screen an image of the target taken from three directions: side, bottom and top. This is why you will have a clear image to differentiate the elements present in the soil. Finally, the target depth is indicated in centimeters including the start and end of the target.

The Ger TITAN 1000 3d scanner is a fascinating 3d detector with a futuristic design. This 3d floor scanner will be useful for viewing anomalies in the basement such as precious metals and underground cavities., This device is certainly the most complete model in the series.

Ger titan 1000 is a 5 system device whose scanner works wirelessly and works with bluetooth technology to then view your discoveries live.

TITAN GER 1000 a magnetic system

In addition, the system is known for the search for magnetic metals such as iron and its derivatives. So it allows you to detect its presence in the ground up to a depth of 2 m.

Indeed this magnetometer will be useful for you to measure in certain situation the direction or the intensity of the magnetic fields. This system is very sensitive to the magnetic field. In addition, the Ger Titan 1000 magnetic field sensor is combined with an electronic device, which will extract the measurement of the magnetic field.

Based on physical principles, the magnetometer is used for the discovery of underground anomalies, geological research or for the detection of ferrous objects. Thus the magnetometer can be useful in several circumstances. After several years of research, Ger Detect has miniaturized these magnetometers so that they are light and compact.

TITAN GER 1000 a pulsed induction system

Finally, the TITAN GER 1000 detector works thanks to the frequencies that penetrate the ground. Thus, at a depth not achievable by most devices. Indeed, it is equipped with the most efficient technologies of induction systems. Therefore, it allows you to discover gold, ancient treasures, galleries, cavities and precious coins underground. Thus, it has an automatic calibration functionality with the soil to avoid any interference due to wet soils, rocks rich in metals, etc.


  1. Five search systems in one device.
  2. Small and easy to use device.
  3. Touch screen displaying research data.
  4. Depth up to 45 m.
  5. Possibility to identify the depth of the target underground.
  6. Front range up to 2,500 m with the possibility of determining the desired front range (500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 or 2,500 m).
  7. Determination of the metal to be sought.
  8. Device available in four languages: French, English, German and Arabic.
  9. Certificate of origin and two-year warranty from date of purchase. First class German industry.
  10. Total weight of the device with accessories (only 5 kg).
  11. Device suitable for all situations and all terrains.
  12. The device is not affected by soil and rock types.

Technical specifications
DISPLAY QUALITY 480 * 270 pixels

Pièces et composants du TITAN GER 1000

TITAN GER-1000 safety box
titan-ger-1000 ionic sensor
TITAN GER-1000 signal transmitter
TITAN GER-1000 signal recipient
TITAN GER-1000 tablet PC
TITAN GER-1000 tablet stand
TITAN GER-1000 45*45 coil
TITAN GER-1000 20*20 coil
TITAN GER-1000 coil hand
TITAN GER-1000 sensor
TITAN GER-1000 battery
TITAN GER-1000 charger
TITAN GER-1000 antenna
TITAN GER-1000 antenna