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Deep Seeker

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Deep Seeker, the detector with multiple systems.

If you are looking for a metal detector with several trusted systems, GER Deep Seeker is for you! Indeed, carry out your research with confidence thanks to the different validation systems for your target of this detector. We explain to you.


Video presentation of Deep Seeker

GER Deep Seeker: an ion field research system

First, this system specializes in detecting ionic fields that form around buried gold. Indeed, around gold, atomic radiation is formed. They are said to be ion fields, when it has been buried for a long time.

So, with Deep Seeker, move your detector 180 ° in front of you. Then upon detection an audible signal and a cursor will indicate your find. Finally, move your Deep Seeker detector up and down, after passing the target, to confirm the presence of the object under the device.

This system can also be used while driving.

GER Deep Seeker: a magnetometer search system

Then, the Deep Seeker detector specializes in the detection of magnetic metals such as iron and its derivatives. This is why, it lets you know if the metals present underground are non-precious. So if your Deep Seeker detects a magnetic metal it will beep.

GER Deep Seeker: a cavity detection system

This magnetometer search system allows an additional option: cavity detection. Indeed, if a cavity is below your detector then you will hear an audible signal, and the cursor will appear on the screen.

GER DeepSeeker: a 3D imaging system

In addition, the DeepSeeker detector has a system that allows you to see the target in 3 dimensions in the ground.

Indeed, you can digitize the entire floor. Thereby obtaining results like a 3D photo with a detailed report of the target. So you would know the depth, size and shape of the object in question. Nothing could be simpler, just start scanning by pressing the 3D button on the keyboard.

GER Deep Seeker: a long range system

Finally, your Deep Seeker also has a long range system. In effect, this allows you to get great precision in identifying and monitoring the target location. As well as limiting it to a distance of one square meter.

In addition, the detector searches for metals by displaying light signals on the screen to direct you to the target.

Following this signal, three functions are available to you to confirm the presence of the object:

  • The turn from the signal recipient to the target
  • Target direction appears on your smart screen
  • The beep sounds when you turn towards the target

Then you can confirm the direction of the target by using the four directions to ensure a precise door to the target.

Finally you just have to trace the signal and when the recipient of the signal turns, it means that you have exceeded the target. Thus, you only have to refine your location by marking it as the center of the target to be confirmed, using the four directions.


Technical specifications:

  • Deep Seeker allows users to use two control systems: touch system and keyboard system.
  • Five search systems in one device.
  • It works in six languages: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish – and Arabic).
  • Users can choose the type of soil in the search area: (natural – clayey – rocky – sand – mixed – or metallic) to obtain more precise results.
  • Works with a front range up to 3000 square meters and a depth of 40 meters.
  • The ability to penetrate layers of soil at great depths that are difficult for many other devices to reach.
  • It works on all kinds of terrain and in the most difficult climatic conditions.
  • The device is not affected by all types of soil and rock.
  • It has a digital compass to help users identify the north and south directions.
  • The Settings menu contains (adjust sound – adjust brightness – device information).
  • The weight of the device with complete accessories is 5 kg.
  • Two year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • The Deep Seeker device is one of the best German innovations with European certification cε according to international specifications.

Technical specifications
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