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AJAX Alpha – 2 system

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Long range detection with AJAX Alpha detector

Want to try the treasure hunt experience? Choose the Alpha model from the Ajax range.

Ajax Alpha

Un détecteur design et performant

With the AJAX Alpha metal detector, you have a detection device equipped with the latest technologies. Indeed, its couple of systems makes it possible to detect gold more quickly over large areas. Again, you are fortunate to find other valuable items thanks to the power of this device.

In this regard, the Alpha highlights Long Distance Telemetry. As an explanation, the latter makes it possible to scan a large area of ​​land. Concretely, the sweep even reaches 2250 meters. In practice, Telemetry offers the approximate potential of a defined perimeter. Following this comes Remote Sensing. So that you have the precise position of an object, it scans vertically up to 50 meters deep. Besides, thanks to its capacity, the Alpha considers itself to be the best long distance detector on the market. This is also the reason why archaeologists and other professionals use it.

Performance et utilisation du détecteur AJAX Alpha

As for performance in the field, these systems give position on the linear plane and depth. Now you won’t waste time digging in rough spots. By adjusting the scan settings well, you can dig right on top of the target object.

Note however that even if the Alpha detector gives the impression of being complex, you will quickly master it. Indeed, it has an automatic functionality facilitating the activation of long-distance detection. Handling will also not be a concern. Its modern design makes it easy to use.

In short, given its performance and practicality, no device competes with the Alpha detector.

AJAX alpha

2 systèmes du détecteur Ajax Alpha :

Long range search system (manual)

The long-range research system is used to detect gold deposits, archaeological elements and minerals.

Thanks to an interface, this system clearly presents the scan results. The screen also displays the search field and the search axis.

Its High Gain Antenna device produces a highly sensitive signal. This kind of wave travels the ground and returns to the device through sensors. The information collected then makes it possible to identify a potential sector. For interpretation, the user has visual results on the screen, but also audio indicators.

Long range search system (automatic)

This model can be seen as the only detector with long range search technology. The device’s automatic detection mode first presents the nature of the object scanned. At the same time, it gives the linear distance between the device and the target object. Finally, it communicates depth. All this precious information is displayed on a screen.

A significant point, this device has an intelligent balancing system. In practice, this functionality facilitates the handling and orientation of the detector. In addition, the user can refer to the indicator on the screen to correct his direction during the scan. Because indeed, the monitor displays the search axis that must be followed.

The development of this system followed several steps to improve its performance. Referring to its performance in the field, its accuracy equals 100%. This certainty concerns both the location of the linker and the depth of the target object.

Currently, no other detector model can exceed the performance of this long range system. It is a unique and modern technology specially dedicated to underground research. This system goes hand in hand with a duo of transmitting / receiving antennas. All of this technology is the result of ingenious and avant-garde manufacturing.

Knowing that it is a manual system, the user can choose to save the data as needed. Afterwards, these can be consulted more carefully.

Finally, the system offers a list of high potential sectors in which the user can choose a destination. This feature also allows him to control various options and parameters. The setting of these depends on the research to be carried out. Indeed, the parameters vary according to the depth to be scanned and the surface of the ground.

Spécifications techniques :

Interface du détecteur AJAX ALPHA

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