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AJAX Omega – 3 systems

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The AJAX Omega underground water detector

Choose the performance of a professional device using the Ajax Omega detector in your research work.

ajax omega

AJAX Omega: the best in groundwater detection

First, a groundwater detector has some peculiarities compared to a conventional detector. Indeed, it stands out not only in terms of design, but especially in terms of software. The AJAX Omega detector has a lot to offer you, including:

First, this detection equipment allows you to find the presence of water in the depth of the ground. Thanks to its avant-garde technology, it gives you the possibility of scanning a very large surface. Then, once you identify a potential sector, you can narrow down the searches. In other words, the Omega has several features to specify the position of the water table. In this regard, a system is responsible for providing basic data. Then, another intervenes and proposes a location including the depth and the extent of the target. It is thanks to this valuable information that the AJAX Omega detector has risen among the best detectors today.

Simplified use for a more pleasant search

Regarding the configuration of searches, you have an operation interface. This first allows you to select the functionality to use. Also, it displays the marker as well as the search path.

In short, the Omega detector contains the equipment and systems essential for searching for groundwater.
Regarding its practicality, you have a good grip which facilitates the orientation of the device. In this regard, the designers of this floor sweeper have chosen a design that is both ergonomic and modern.

Three systems guarantee the success of this water finder.

3 Ajax Omega detector systems:

Long range search system (manual)

This system sees itself as ideal for detecting gold, minerals, but also archaeological objects.

The long-range search system has a dedicated interface for displaying results. You can also refer to the screen for directions. The monitor is also used to coordinate the search axis and the scan field.

On the hardware side, a high frequency transmitting module (High Gain Antenna) sends sensitive waves. This signal intervenes in the identification of potential sectors. The system then picks up the feedback signals via dual stimulation sensors. The results can be used in visual or audio version.

Système manuel - Ajax Omega

Long range search system (automatic)

At the moment, no detection system can compare to long-range search technology. This exceptional and intelligent achievement works in parallel with high-performance sensors. By this, we first designate the devices for transmitting and receiving signals. Then there are research systems with a high level of sensitivity.

In addition, the device has intelligent technology comparable to a gyroscope. Concretely, this system corrects the position of the device and thus facilitates its use. This same system indicates to the user the search axis to follow during the search.

Système automatique - Ajax Omega

Geophysical research system

This system uses the technique of deep scan and geophysical measurement. Together, these elements assess the level of electrical resistance of the scanned floor. In practice, this makes it possible to detect metals buried in the ground. Here we are talking about gold, copper, bronze, iron, silver or even aluminum.

Thanks to this system, you can also find out if a given location hides mines. To do this, you must use the bipolar functionality of the device. The latter is easy to use.

Among the proposals for destinations with high potential, you can choose the one that suits you. Thereafter, you have the option of carrying out a test at the location you have chosen.

This system comes from several design stages. Thus, it has great precision and measurement performance. Its level of precision on the ground even reaches 100%.

A manual recording system allows you to save the information of each scan.

The user can adjust the parameters according to his needs and according to the search factors.

Système de recherche géophysique - Ajax Omega
Ajax omega
Ajax omega
Ajax omega

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Accessoires Ajax Omega