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OKM GEOSEEKER, geoelectric detector to find water

OKM GEOSEEKER is the geoelectric detector for the detection of water and cavities up to a depth of 250m. In fact, this professional detector performs resistance measurements. In addition, it visualizes the data in a 3D image in order to obtain precision results.



OKM GEOSEEKER detect water and cavities

First of all, it is good to know that this detector is normally dedicated to professionals. Especially for the detection of water and cavities. Indeed, the OKM GEOSEEKER performs resistance measurements. Thus, you can collect data analysis in a 3D image. In addition, this detector is easily manageable and easy to use. While going in search of resources up to 250m deep.

In addition, the GeoSeeker uses a geoelectric measurement procedure based on Schlumberger. So he can read the resistivity of the soil. Indeed, based on ground resistance, the detector is able to locate underground water deposits. But it is also capable of detecting aquifer gravels and the surface of the water table as well as cavities such as caves, tunnels, chambers etc. As a result, the geophysical detector can be used for the water prospector as well as for the cavity prospector, or both at the same time.

Finally, the GeoSeeker detector consists of elements that are completely controlled by an Android Tablet PC. Thus, all commands and measurement results are transferred wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Therefore, using the pre-installed software, you have nothing to do but choose one of the three measurement modes taken in charge:

Caractéristiques supplémentaires du OKM Geoseeker sont:

OKM GEOSEEKER the geoelectric measurement procedure

Indeed, it is on this system that the OKM GEOSEEKER detector rests. Thus, based on soil resistance, it is able to locate groundwater deposits. But it is also able to detect aquifer gravels, the surface of a water table. Or cavities such as caves, tunnels, chambers, etc.

In order to explore the depths it is composed of 3 without different. What are fast and accurate active scanning, as well as passive scanning. That’s why you control everything by Android tablet PC to find the live metrics.