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OKM GEPARD, flexible radar to detect ground anomalies

First, if you are looking for a flexible, transportable and high performance ground radar to locate anomalies in the basement? Then OKM GEPARD is for you. Indeed, detect pipes, gutters, tunnels, caves, bunkers, etc., using this powerful detector.



OKM GEPARD for whom?

First of all, the OKM GEPARD detector is designed to work with an omnidirectional and unshielded transmission system. That is, it can achieve a penetration depth of up to 40m. In addition, this ground radar does not weigh much which makes it agile and compact so that it is used by a single researcher.


Thus, this ground radar allows filtering possibilities to improve the measurement and analysis results.

okm gepard

Caractéristiques supplémentaires du OKM GEPARD sont:

OKM GEPARD, the operation

Thus, the OKM GEPARD radar sends a signal to the ground to wait for a reflection or an echo to detect possible anomalies of the underground. That’s why thanks to him you can discover:

  • buried walls, foundations and slabs of reinforced concrete underground
  • rivers and groundwater l
  • evels Hidden voids, tombs and burial chambers fountains,
  • mines, tunnels and trenches buried pipes ducts and harnesses,
  • tubes bunkers, secret tunnels,
  • hiding places hidden septic tanks, drainage devices, distribution
  • boxes statues, hiding treasure, treasure chests.

Thus, the OKM GEPARD radar sends, to discover this, a frequency band of 60 MHz to 300 MHz achieved by telescopic antennas. In addition, to optimize the measurements of different types of soil it has several automatic settings.

As a result, once measured, this data is transferred directly to an Android tablet PC via bluetooth.

okm fusion light
okm gepard