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OKM ROVER UC high-tec detector with 3D imaging system

OKM ROVER UC, the secret metal detector. In fact, take advantage of three-dimensional imagery of the basement to explore missing objects.

The Rover UC metal detector introduces a whole new generation of outdoor measuring devices which are smaller, compact and cannot be recognized as a metal detector. With the smartphone as the central unit you receive a compact and universal device.

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OKM ROVER UC: 3D metal detector

First of all it is good to know that the detectors of the Rover series are not just metal detectors with just a sound emission since they can entwine build high quality 3D images. Indeed, the OKM ROVER UC is intended mainly for searching for missing objects. As a result, it has smaller, compact outdoor measuring devices that can not be confused with a metal detector. In addition, the smartphone is the main unit of this detector, it becomes practical and discreet. Thus, the OKM ROVER UC can easily detect objects that are buried under the ground such as gold, silver, chests, crates, or tunnels.

Caractéristiques supplémentaires du OKM ROVER UC sont:

OKM ROVER UC: the application

What sets OKM ROVER UC apart from other detectors is interactive system with your smartphone. Thus, your analysis of the graphical measurement data with the 3D software is directly accessible from your Android Smartphone. As a result, no need for a computer, collect data and analyze easily. Indeed, the detector has a high-tech 3D scanner easy to use and efficient.

The Rover UC app runs on Android smartphone and is available in multiple languages. In addition, the detector is a fusion of several functions, ergonomics and design. Indeed, with a weight of 0.65 kg can be easily transported.

Finally, the main advantage of the OKM ROVER UC detector is that you can analyze the measurement data in the field. Or save the graphics on your smartphone, or transfer them to a computer for example.