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BR 100 PRO – 3 systems

3950,00 HTVA    (4779,50 TVAC)
The new version of the BR 100 PRO combines the new technology of long-range detection systems as well as vertical target detection. It makes reaching the detected object much easier and faster than before. It also allows you to choose the type of metal of the target to detect.

BR 20 Pro – 1 system

Original price was: 2400,00€.Current price is: 2000,00€. HTVA    (2420,00 TVAC)
When you turn on the BR 20 Pro and choose the metal to detect, the device will start directing you to detected targets in your area. B.U.M automatic detection technology connects you to potential targets in an area in a short time.

BR 50 Target Max – 2 systems

2900,00 HTVA    (3509,00 TVAC)
Integrated between the long-range radar system and the new ion detection system, the BR 50 Target Max is the newborn device developed by BR Systems. The speed and accuracy of its analysis of the location of the detected object allows you to reach your target faster than before. This detector has been manufactured in a way that makes it one of the most responsive tools when it comes to metal detecting.

BR 950 – 1 system

2750,00 HTVA    (3327,50 TVAC)
The BR 950 is a new long-range localization system. Created by BR Systems, it can detect and capture groundwater and surface water as well as wells over long distances. The device is able to find water points regardless of the water table level.

BR 950 Professional – 4 Systems

7100,00 HTVA    (8591,00 TVAC)
The BR 950 Professional is a detector that can detect groundwater and wells. It is the latest scientific device that contains advanced detection and research systems. In short, it allows you to explore groundwater, wells and aquatic environments.

Gold Step Pro Max – 5 systems

5400,00 HTVA    (6534,00 TVAC)
World number 1 in long-range detection devices, the effectiveness of the Gold Step Pro Max is recognized in the gold and precious metals prospecting industry. A real must-have for 7 years, no valuable object hidden underground can escape it.

Royal Analyzer Pro – 4 systems

7500,00 HTVA    (9075,00 TVAC)
First of all, the Royal Analyzer Pro has an imaging system. This device is the most accurate for all prospectors and gold seekers. It is the perfect tool for prospecting and exploration companies around the world. The new version of the Royal Analyzer Pro is the first precision tool with an integrated 3D imaging system.