Are you looking for an efficient, simple to use and effective metal detector model? Then the models in the LORENZ range have everything to please you.

Among these detectors, you will find in particular the LORENZ Deepmax. It combines new technologies, design and ergonomics. The pulsed induction technology of this model brings you unparalleled precision in your search for metals, hidden treasures, and gold underground.

Whatever type of land you are working on, even the most mineralized, nothing will hinder your search. Indeed, the formidable efficiency of LORENZ detectors eliminates spurious signals. All in all, you save considerable time by using this technology.

The additional accessories that are added to the detectors allow you to benefit from a more optimal search than ever.

In short, do not neglect the quality, and put the odds on your side, by choosing a powerful detector. LORENZ is your new asset in your research.

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Lorenz deepmax Z1

4850,00 HTVA    (5868,50 TVAC)

Lorenz DEEPMAX Z1: limitless detector

In the selection of new generation detectors, those of the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 series see themselves as the most efficient. They are also among the most recent equipped with Pulse GBS technology. In other words, this range has all the qualities expected from a detector. In short, the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 considers itself to be the best detector on the market.