Cavity detector

A cavity detector is a tool designed to locate forgotten underground spaces such as tunnels, cellars, old trenches, catacombs, burial chambers, etc. Nowadays, there are detectors using two types of technology on the market. The first is based on seismic measurement while the second uses geoelectric measurement.

Seismic or geoelectric measurement

Certain detectors ensure the prospection of these cavities thanks to a specific technology based on the capacity of sound waves to undergo refractions. This is called seismic measurement. Another method is based on geoelectric measurement, which analyzes the resistance of the subsoil and possibly detects the presence of water. Whether you are looking for an old underground tunnel, an old cellar or a World War I trench … chances are you are going to use these techniques. Besides, you don’t always have to go far to uncover really interesting curiosities.

Cavity detector: the ally of geologists and archaeologists

Are you a professional on a geological mission or a digger who scours archaeological sites? In this case, you undoubtedly know the exceptional specifications of the latest generation professional devices? These detectors are indeed able to carry out extremely precise seismic or geoelectric measurements. But even if you are an amateur prospector looking for cavities, crypts and bunkers or metallic objects, you can also take advantage of these technologies thanks to the increasing democratization of these cavity detectors. Have you discovered an old document indicating the presence of a burial chamber buried under a church? Or were you told about a bunker where people from your village took refuge during the war? Exploring these buried remains is yours … The basements of our regions are full of treasures and traces of our history.

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BR 950 – 1 system

2750,00 HTVA    (3327,50 TVAC)
The BR 950 is a new long-range localization system. Created by BR Systems, it can detect and capture groundwater and surface water as well as wells over long distances. The device is able to find water points regardless of the water table level.

BR 950 Professional – 4 Systems

7100,00 HTVA    (8591,00 TVAC)
The BR 950 Professional is a detector that can detect groundwater and wells. It is the latest scientific device that contains advanced detection and research systems. In short, it allows you to explore groundwater, wells and aquatic environments.

Hydro Tracker – 4 systems

7000,00 HTVA    (8470,00 TVAC)
The search for groundwater is now simplified and more reliable thanks to the AJAX Hydro Tracker: a high-performance groundwater detector! Equipped with 4 complete and integrated search systems, this device can detect and locate any type of water table, the exact depth of water reservoirs, humidity, salinity or even soil temperature. Equipped with a special unit to purify the signal Hydro Tracker sends this data to a powerful processor, ensuring fast and accurate searching.

River F Smart – 3 systèmes

Original price was: 2800,00€.Current price is: 2300,00€. HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)
The River F Smart is a versatile device that uses 3 distinct search systems: 1 - A system for searching for fresh water. 2 - A salt water detection system. 3 - A ground radar system allowing the detection of water with ease and great precision as well as the determination of its depth in meters or centimeters. This detection equipment also has an extended range to detect groundwater and artesian wells in the ground.

Fresh Result 2 Plus

6200,00 HTVA    (7502,00 TVAC)

Fresh Result 2 Plus, geophysical system detector

Combine cutting-edge technology with a long-distance system and a geophysical system for groundwater detection with Fresh Result 2 Plus.


3650,00 HTVA    (4416,50 TVAC)

Farm Life, detecting sovereign waters and artesian wells

If you are looking for groundwater or artesian wells, Farm Life is for you. Combine high precision and practicality, thanks to technologies allowing to know how deep the water is, in meters and centimeters.

Fresh Result 1

2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)

Fresh Result 1, technical mix and discrimination for groundwater

Looking for groundwater? Combine high-precision technology and discrimination with a long-distance detection system, thanks to the Fresh Result 1 detector.

River-F Plus

3400,00 HTVA    (4114,00 TVAC)

River-F Plus, long-distance groundwater detector

Looking for a long-distance groundwater detection device? Then the River-F Plus is for you. In fact, it is the world's first long-distance groundwater detector.

AJAX Omega – 3 systems

4600,00 HTVA    (5566,00 TVAC)

The AJAX Omega underground water detector

Choose the performance of a professional device using the Ajax Omega detector in your research work.

AJAX Primero – 9 systems

11200,00 HTVA    (13552,00 TVAC)
AJAX Primero combines the ergonomics of cutting-edge hardware with the performance of a complete system.

River G – 3 systems

7900,00 HTVA    (9559,00 TVAC)
RIVER-G - GER Detect - 3 systems - underground water detector The device has 3 systems for water research: A 3D imaging system, geophysical research technology and a long-range detection system. The latter has a linear range of 2,000 meters and can scan up to 1,200 meters deep.

8990,00 HTVA    (10877,90 TVAC)

OKM GEOSEEKER, geoelectric detector to find water

OKM GEOSEEKER is the geoelectric detector for the detection of water and cavities up to a depth of 250m. In fact, this professional detector performs resistance measurements. In addition, it visualizes the data in a 3D image in order to obtain precision results.