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Fresh Result 1

2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)

Fresh Result 1, technical mixture and discrimination for groundwater

Are you looking for groundwater? Combine technical and high precision discrimination with a long distance detection system, thanks to the Fresh Result 1 detector.



Fresh Result 1: why choose it?

First, Fresh Result 1, is the world’s first detector to detect groundwater. Indeed, this detector is very precise, thanks to its very recent technological specifications and high precision discrimination techniques, thanks to its long range system.

Fresh Result 1: long range system

Indeed, major advantage of this detector, its long range system. Thus, it most certainly determines the presence of water from a distance.

This is why, when the Fresh Result 1 captures the target, the user can get closer to it until confining it within a radius of 1m². Then the user can accurately determine the depth of the target in meters or centimeters. In addition, the detector can also offer the possibility of determining the frontal range (from 500m to 2000m) or even the depth of up to 1200m. Finally, the device is available in several languages such as French, English, German and Arabic, so you can, as soon as the device is started, determine the language and the front range.

Spécifications Fresh Result Water Detector 1 System

  1. Screen list includes device options.
  2. Keyboard controller are to the touch.
  3. The ON / OFF power switch.
  4. Send input antennas.
  5. Reception antenna input.
  6. Sender entry.
  7. 9 volt rechargeable battery.
  8. Reception and transmission number of the antennas 4.
  9. Household electric 9 volt charger.
  10. Download and save the complete protection device and its accessories to bag shocks.
  11. Use brochures in several languages including Arabic.
  12. First degree of German industry according to international standards.
  13. One year warranty from date of purchase

Pièces et composants du Fresh Result 1 System

FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM 1 system main unit
FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM 1 system safety box
FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM 1 system unit holder
FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM 1 system signal recipient
FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM 1 system antenna
FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM 1 system signal enhancer
FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM 1 system charger