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AJAX Primero combines the ergonomics of cutting-edge hardware with the performance of a complete system.

Ajax Primero

When comfort meets design

Since the first version of the AJAX Primero detector, it has experienced several improvements dedicated to the location of gold deposits. In a word, this scanning device sees itself as professional equipment and scientific innovation. In order to meet the serious requirements of users, the Primero offers an ultra-sensitive sensor offering very precise localization.

When you use the Primero, you first notice its design. Indeed, the design of its shape is based on the concern to offer portable equipment that is easy to handle. Since the surface to be scanned can be very large, you must have a good grip. Of course, the whole is modern in style. To continue, AJAX Detector Technology is responsible for carrying out the scans. In other words, this system allows the whole to detect a hidden object very precisely. On your side, a manual control and parameters with the choices ensure the good progress of the operations.

Note that the Primero is also aimed at beginners even if it seems complex. Besides, it facilitates the research work knowing that you no longer need to configure the device before use.

AJAX Primero

On the other hand, you will find in this detector nine different kinds of systems, which guarantee the efficiency of this device. Customizable, they also allow you to detect potential gold deposits. The other metals as well as the minerals do not resist, either, to the flawless efficiency of this model.

The new AJAX Primero systems

Long range search system (manual)

Long-range detection is used in the search for treasures, archaeological objects, gold and various minerals.

Ajax Primero has a high frequency transmission system. In practice, the “High Gain Antenna” diffuses sensitive waves to scan the terrain. Subsequently, antennas take over the return signals. Finally, a system translates the information into audio and digital format readable on a monitor.

Among the strengths of the device, it has a unique system allowing it to stabilize by itself. This greatly facilitates its use. Also, an indicator offers the user the possibility of correcting his direction relative to the indication of the device.

As it is a manual system, the user can save the collected data.

Système manuel - Ajax Primero

Long range search system (automatic)

Thanks to its performance, Ajax Primero can identify the nature of the targeted object. Also, it gives all the information necessary to facilitate the extraction. In other words, the device communicates the linear distance between the object and the user, but also the depth. All of this valuable data is displayed on the screen. In all, this model considers itself to be the most efficient and the only long-range detector in the world.

This detector uses waves with high sensitivity to carry out its scans. These signals come from a High Gain Antenna system. The scan with this technology provides more details on the chosen terrain. As for the results, a screen displays them in digital form. The user can also refer to the audio indicators.

Système automatique - Ajax Primero

Long range Ionic system

With this detector, we used a powerful technology allowing a long range detection. In the field, our system allows the user to detect buried metallic bodies. For example, the device can spot bronze, copper, but also gold or platinum. This capability of our device is the result of extensive studies on the ionic system.

The ionic system presents a very precise localization system offering the depth of the target object. These results come from the reflection of ionic waves on the object concerned.

The performance of this device is entirely based on its ingenious high-level detection system. At the same time, the latter gives better precision, offers more functionality and includes a complex circuit. The set allows rapid detection and results that can be easily used on a screen. The device retains all its performance regardless of the type of soil and its conditions of use.

Système Ionic - Ajax Primero

Gradyometric system

The gradyometric system used in this device makes it possible to identify irregularities in the ground. Also, it contributes to the detection of metallic elements or even crevices.

It gives precise information making it possible to obtain measurements of magnetic variations in the terrain. This detects and differentiates the metallic elements and the empty spaces in the basement.

The device’s depth measurement functionality provides precise target data. They are obtained thanks to the reflection index of the magnetic waves scattered in the ground.

Système Gradyométrique - Ajax Primero

Smart impulse

Our detector can clearly differentiate between items that contain iron and those that don’t. Also, it can identify voids, tunnels and underground caves. The indicator signals differ depending on the nature of the object scanned. Thereafter, the user can know the size of the object through the monitor.

An interface allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the waves and the speed of propagation.

For a more precise search, a functionality allows you to adjust the scan for a single type of object.

Thanks to its search coils, this Ajax detector model offers three different measurements. These interpret the depth as well as the size of the scanned object.

Existing search coils:

Search coil C1: 18 cm x 18cm

C2 search coil: 35 cm x 35cm

Search coil C3: 40 cm x 45cm

Note: Only the Primero model has the C2 coil, but you can get other types of coils by order.

Impulsion intelligente - Ajax Primero

Spectrum analyzer

It is an innovative and still not widely used technology allowing spectral analysis of the target. This feature is used in the search for gold and metals. As for the results, the user obtains a 3D imaging scan of the detected object.

Analyseur de spectre - Ajax Primero

Direct imaging system

The one-of-a-kind direct imaging system instantly displays scan information. In other words, the user can see in real time the treasures and other elements of the basement. Added to this is information on the depth and type of the soil. Thanks to its advanced technology, it requires no other program or additional system.

You can easily manipulate the detection program with an interface. So, depending on your needs, you can get the image of the scanned site.

Système d'imagerie directe - Ajax Primero

3D soil imaging system

According to our studies, professional researchers find it very difficult to manipulate the programs of smart detectors. The problem arises mainly during the use of the imaging system. With this in mind, we looked for solutions to facilitate the use of 3D imagery. Thus, our model is among the first detectors accessible by everyone. Our detector is aimed at both professional and amateur archaeologists.

For more convenience, you can also link the detector to the tablet PC. In this way, you will benefit from more 3D detection and imaging functionality.

Système d'imagerie 3D - Ajax Primero

Geophysical research system

First, this detection functionality implements scanning technology and geophysical measurement. Together, these two technologies can assess the electrical resistance of the soil. Concretely, this makes it possible to identify metals such as silver, gold, bronze or even aluminum. In addition, it detects the different types of underground cavities. These can be chambers, caves or even tunnels. With the right setting, it even spots traces of water.

On the equipment side, two motors are used to sweep the soil and analyze the results. These modules are paired with two electrical cables.

Système de recherche géophysiue - Ajax Primero
AJAX Primero
AJAX Primero

Technical specifications

AJAX Primero detector interface

Accessories supplied with the AJAX Primero detector

Accessoires ajax Primero
Accessoires ajax Primero