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AJAX Segma – 3 systems

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Ajax Segma – the detector for great depths

Looking for a device capable of scanning very deep? Choose the Ajax Segma detector and make your dream of finding treasures come true.


The best of treasure detection

For starters, the AJAX Segma metal detector is counted with the first detectors designed to scan at a very low level. In other words, it gives you the ability to get your hands on what no one even imagines. In this regard, be aware that valuable finds are hidden in the greatest depths. Currently, various models of detectors are available on the market. Thus, you will not find much by digging the ground one or two meters below the surface.

As a solution to this, the Segma has technology that allows it to scan places that few devices can reach. Indeed, the distance of 8 meters below the ground still contains a blank space for detection. Thus, you have more chance of finding treasures and other items of value. In addition, if you covet old objects, this depth is perfect. Note that antiques are getting more and more buried over time. It is for this reason that archaeologists use devices like the Segma in their work.

AJAX Segma : la performance avant tout

Regarding its performance, the Segma has ultra-sensitive detection equipment. In this concept, it instantly emits a signal as soon as it locates something. At this point, the detection process stops automatically.

In short, when you use the AJAX Segma detector, you have a powerful detector, easy to use and very practical. This is explained by its precision which gives you the depth of the object. In addition, there is an ergonomic design which facilitates handling and handling.

AJAX Segma
AJAX Segma

The systems in the Ajax Segma detector:

Smart impulse

A new detection system is emerging on the Ajax system side. Its designer has decided to improve the performance of the tool. He thus creates a new system operating on impulse. Thanks to the latter, research becomes more precise and more in-depth.

Once the scan is complete, the system delivers detailed results via an intelligent interface. The functionality of the detection tool can also be adjusted from this control panel.

The particularity of our system also lies in its high reliability. The system interface can display more detailed results. The tool can first differentiate an element containing iron from another. The metal dimensions will also be displayed during the scan. Furthermore, in the case where the detector passes through an empty space, it is possible to know this.

Existing search coils:

Search coil C1: 1 8cm x 18cm

C2 search coil: 35cm x 35cm

Search coil C3: 40cm x 45cm

Analyseur de Spectre

L’analyse d’impulsion spectrale compte parmi les atouts de ce modèle. Il intervient principalement dans la détection d’or et d’éléments métallique. Pour ce qui concerne l’interprétation des résultats, l’écran présente une imagerie en 3D de l’objet scanné.

Grâce à ce système, l’identification de l’objet métallique devient plus rapide.

Technical specifications

AJAX Segma interface

Impact accessories and parts

Accessoires ajax Segma