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MAKRO KRUZER 620,00 HTVA    (750,20 TVAC)

OKM Bionic X4

9785,00 HTVA    (11839,85 TVAC)

OKM Bionic X4, the long distance gold detector

OKM BIONIC X4, the long distance gold detector associated with an Android smartphone. Indeed, benefit from a visual detection aid with the automatic bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the OKM BIONIC X4.



OKM BIONIC X4 long distance system

Indeed, its long distance system is specially designed for gold diggers and treasure hunters. Indeed, it uses cross point detection to locate the position of an object. Thus, thanks to the principle of ionic systole the detector can find buried gold for a long time. In addition, the bioenergetic system interacts with the body’s bioenergy during target localization. To detect objects in new condition or objects that are not buried.

Caractéristiques supplémentaires du Bionic X4 sont:

OKM BIONIC X4 with an Android smartphone

Moreover you can use the OKM BIONIC X4 easily thanks to its applicable system on Android smartphone. Indeed, you can use your smartphone for a visual detection aid. Thus, the automatic bluetooth connection between the detector and the smartphone allows fast transmission of measurement data. As well as a display of the smartphone display. That’s why you can easily view the measurement direction directly on the smartphone and set it for later analysis.

OKM Bionic X4 : Spécifications techniques

Apart from the two measurement principles for the treasure hunt, the Bionic X4 has other peculiarities and functions like for example:

  • Power Pack for a working time of more than 16 hours (continuous operation)
  • LED lighting for nocturnal searches (also usable as an electric lamp)
  • Laser pointer for direction determination (especially during the night)
  • Wireless stereo headphones Illuminated
  • LED display
  • Waterproof and impact resistant Peli carrying case for easy transport

The smartphone and application user interface OKM is available in the following languages:

  • English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Ελληνικά, Türkçe, Italiano, Nederlands, Pусский, فارسی, عربي

In combination with the Android smartphone the Bionic X4 device has even more functions like for example:

  • Digital compass for direction determination
  • Optical fixation of the measurement direction
  • Visual capture of the lens
  • Search for gold with the Bionic X4 in the field

Then how can the Bionic X4 Long Distance Detector be used?

  • The Bionic X4 Long Distance Gold Detector can be used for far distance gold research like our other long distance systems. The Bionic X4 gold detector can be used for the first search in an unknown region, to find different locations of buried treasures. So the Bionic X4 long-range detector is especially interesting for gold diggers who do not have an idea where to start measuring. The excavator can easily and quickly have a general idea about a large field. The Bionic X4 was specially developed for difficult terrain such as wooded forests, rocky mountains or rock walls.

Then, what can be done with the Bionic X4 gold detector?

  • With the Bionic X4 gold detector you measure along the horizon and the treasure hunter searches for a direction where he can find buried gold. As soon as the gold detector has detected a gold object it gives an acoustic signal and you can see the target direction on the display of the Android smartphone. Triangulation procedure with the Bionic X4 for determining the position of a gold treasure.To find the position of the gold it is necessary to make a triangulation with the gold detector Bionic X4. It must measure at least 2 different directions and see if the device indicates gold. As soon as you have received a positive signal from two or three different directions you have to find the position of the find at the crossing point. Combined Bionic X4 and Rover UCL offer The Bionic X4 Long Distance Detector can not make precise indications on the depth or dimensions of the found objects. It is advisable to do a more detailed analysis with a 3D scanner of the basement. A suitable device is the Rover UC, which is also used with a smart phone like the Bionic X4. With the Bionic X4 you find the place, where the gold is located and with the Rover UC you specify the exact position in the slot. -sol and can measure the depth and dimensions of the gold object.


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