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Hydro Tracker – 4 systems

7000,00 HTVA    (8470,00 TVAC)
The search for groundwater is now simplified and more reliable thanks to the AJAX Hydro Tracker: a high-performance groundwater detector! Equipped with 4 complete and integrated search systems, this device can detect and locate any type of water table, the exact depth of water reservoirs, humidity, salinity or even soil temperature. Equipped with a special unit to purify the signal Hydro Tracker sends this data to a powerful processor, ensuring fast and accurate searching.

River F Smart – 3 systèmes

Original price was: 2800,00€.Current price is: 2300,00€. HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)
The River F Smart is a versatile device that uses 3 distinct search systems: 1 - A system for searching for fresh water. 2 - A salt water detection system. 3 - A ground radar system allowing the detection of water with ease and great precision as well as the determination of its depth in meters or centimeters. This detection equipment also has an extended range to detect groundwater and artesian wells in the ground.