Are you looking for a state-of-the-art metal detector? Makro Detector is the answer to your request. Thanks to its diversity of product range, and its experience, you can select your products with confidence.
Why choose a Makro detector?
Firstly for his experience. Indeed, it is a company manufacturing detectors since 1986. Thus, its main objective is the continuous improvement of its product range. In addition you will benefit from quality advice, and a certain expertise. Therefore, combine dynamic and innovative structure, with advanced technology to find the detector that suits you.
Detector Marko and his expertise.
Finally, choose the range that suits you ranging from gold detection, technical and industrial security while going through the search for water and treasures.

In addition, Marko detector staff are experienced and trained to meet all your expectations.

Thus, find the products of Makro and its continuous improvements.

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200,00 HTVA    (242,00 TVAC)

The NOKTA PULSE DIVE detector: your ally in underwater research

The Nokta Pulse Dive detector supports you in deep sea research.

NOKTA invenio

7000,00 HTVA    (8470,00 TVAC)

NOKTA invenio, the intelligent detector

The NOKTA Invenio metal detector for a new era of detection. Indeed, it is the world’s first intelligent detection and imaging system.

740,00 HTVA    (895,40 TVAC)

NOKTA IMPACT, multi-frequency impact metal detector

NOKTA Impact the impact metal detector. Indeed discover new hidden treasures thanks to this multi-frequency detector. Thus, it is the combination of several detectors in one. Indeed, it uses advanced technology while being easy to use.


135,00 HTVA    (163,35 TVAC)

NOKTA RS PINPOINTER, simple and effective detection

NOKTA RS PINPOINTER is the detector that will allow you to locate objectives quickly and easily.


570,00 HTVA    (689,70 TVAC)

NOKTA VELOX ONE, detect jewelry, coins and old objects

The NOKTA Velox One, the ideal detector for finding coins, jewelry, old objects and weakly conductive objects that are difficult to detect. In addition, it is also ideal for very mineralized or saturated ferrous terrains.

970,00 HTVA    (1173,70 TVAC)

NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI, the waterproof metal detector

The NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI detector has been designed to be completely waterproof. This detector is the most efficient and complete detector in the NOKTA MAKRO ANFIBIO series. This device allows you to have incredible performance in terms of speed and this, on all types of terrain.

800,00 HTVA    (968,00 TVAC)

NOKTA GOLDENSENSE, detect small targets

The NOKTA Goldensense detector has been specially developed for gold nuggets, coins, and all other small metal targets. Thanks to it, you can easily detect targets at great depths.


650,00 HTVA    (786,50 TVAC)

NOKTA FORS GOLD PLUS, the gold detector of streams and rivers

NOKTA Fors Gold Plus is the gold prospecting detector with advanced capabilities. Thus, thanks to its frequency of 19 KHz. But also to its modes of discrimination, it adapts perfectly to difficult terrain. In addition, its two waterproof Double-D discs make it an excellent gold detector. Especially for use in streams and rivers.

650,00 HTVA    (786,50 TVAC)

NOKTA FORS CORE, the professional metal detector

NOKTA Fors Core is a professional metal detector designed with advanced technology. Thus, it represents the perfect choice for the detection of coins and relics.


115,00 HTVA    (139,15 TVAC)

NOKTA POINTER, locate a target easily

If you are looking for a detector that will locate your target quickly and easily, then NOKTA POINTER is for you. Indeed, being able to be used under water as on ground this apparatus quickly rakes the large surfaces.