Are you looking for a state-of-the-art metal detector? Makro Detector is the answer to your request. Thanks to its diversity of product range, and its experience, you can select your products with confidence.
Why choose a Makro detector?
Firstly for his experience. Indeed, it is a company manufacturing detectors since 1986. Thus, its main objective is the continuous improvement of its product range. In addition you will benefit from quality advice, and a certain expertise. Therefore, combine dynamic and innovative structure, with advanced technology to find the detector that suits you.
Detector Marko and his expertise.
Finally, choose the range that suits you ranging from gold detection, technical and industrial security while going through the search for water and treasures.

In addition, Marko detector staff are experienced and trained to meet all your expectations.

Thus, find the products of Makro and its continuous improvements.

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620,00 HTVA    (750,20 TVAC)

MAKRO KRUZER, a major asset for beach prospectors

Take advantage of the robust, waterproof design of the KRUZER MAKRO metal detector. What's more, if you're a beach hunter, it's ideal for you. In fact, its advanced range mode offers stable performance on wet salt beach soil. But also underwater.


455,00 HTVA    (550,55 TVAC)

MAKRO CF77, detecting gold in depth

The MAKRO CF77 is the metal detector suitable for gold, unique items, jewelry, relics, or other small items that can be found in areas that were previously inaccessible.


110,00 HTVA    (133,10 TVAC)

MAKRO POINTER, the detector for land and underwater

MAKRO POINTER is the metal detector that can be used both on land and underwater. It is indeed known to meet the IP67 protection rating. So easily locate your target with this detector which adapts to any type of environment.


5200,00 HTVA    (6292,00 TVAC)

MAKRO DEEPHUNTER PRO, locate the treasures in depth

The MAKRO DEEPHUNTER PRO is a unique detector which makes it possible to locate treasures in great depths, cavities, and unique coins. Thanks to its advanced technology, this detector is able to locate both individual pieces and large treasures at great depths.


705,00 HTVA    (853,05 TVAC)

MAKRO GOLD KRUZER, gold detector with advanced technology

The MAKRO GOLD KRUZER detector is the ideal detector for prospecting for gold. Indeed, it detects the smallest nuggets while ignoring the difficult terrain conditions, but also the highly mineralized stones in the gold-bearing terrain.


600,00 HTVA    (726,00 TVAC)

MAKRO RACER 2 gold detector, advanced RACER technology

The MAKRO RACER 2 detector is at the cutting edge of technology so that you can find jewelry, relics, coins. Thus, thanks to all its features such as Notch, Filter, Iron, Audio, Tone Break, iSAT it becomes very efficient.