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Delta Ranger Professionnel – 6 systèmes

11990,00 HTVA    (14507,90 TVAC)
The Delta Ranger is a professional precious metal detector that not only detects gold but also performs 3D ground scanning and deep subsurface analysis. This detector uses two probes which give it great sensitivity for metal detection. The Delta Ranger Professional also has advanced features such as the Magnetometer and 3D Ground Scan to take vertical measurements of the subsurface.

OKM Delta Ranger – 2 systems

7990,00 HTVA    (9667,90 TVAC)
The OKM Delta Ranger has 2 multi-technology systems. They allow long-range detection over several kilometers and up to 18 m depth of all types of precious metals. You will be able to easily and quickly find gold and buried treasures or even detect underground voids and tunnels.

River F Smart – 3 systèmes

Original price was: 2800,00€.Current price is: 2300,00€. HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)
The River F Smart is a versatile device that uses 3 distinct search systems: 1 - A system for searching for fresh water. 2 - A salt water detection system. 3 - A ground radar system allowing the detection of water with ease and great precision as well as the determination of its depth in meters or centimeters. This detection equipment also has an extended range to detect groundwater and artesian wells in the ground.

Titan 500 SMART

4000,00 HTVA    (4840,00 TVAC)
The TITAN 500 SMART is the best metal and gem detector on the market. Equipped with four complete search systems, it allows precise detection of diamonds, precious stones, precious metals, gold but also buried treasures. The collaboration between GER Detect and UIG is so successful that they offer a new innovative model: the TITAN 500 SMART. This ergonomic device is therefore the culmination of five years of research and testing to make it the high-performance detector it is today. This new model therefore has four efficient systems and innovative features. Furthermore, this detector is suitable for both beginners and professionals in underground research. It can detect and capture targets at long distances, all with great precision. This will allow you to easily and precisely identify the depth and nature of the target. This device has impressive value for money, making it the best metal detector on the market.


3750,00 HTVA    (4537,50 TVAC)
To begin with, the UIG GROUND SCANNER DETECTOR ground scanner is one of the best German industries. This terrestrial imaging and live scanning system also has the European certificate in accordance with international standards as well as the international ISO 9001 certificate in accordance with international specifications and standards. This device, which uses 3D technology, is therefore designed to be versatile, functional and compatible with all countries and regions. Discover and test this innovative detector.