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Ares Gold Detector – 4 systems

3300,00 HTVA    (3993,00 TVAC)
The Ares Gold Detector metal detector is an all-in-one device: intelligent, quality, high precision, efficient, luxurious but also flexible to handle. If you are searching for gold and burials in large terrains and open areas including unknown targets, you mainly need a tool that will guide you to the location of the buried target over long distances, then which will confirm the existence of the target thanks to a precise sound search system which can determine the depth, size and type of the target! You absolutely need this professional technology to help you achieve your goals quickly and intelligently.

Diamond Hunter Smart – 2 systems

2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)
The Diamond Hunter Smart is specifically designed for long-range detection of buried diamonds and gemstones. Equipped with multiple systems and advanced technical features, this device allows precise detection of diamond and gemstone locations over great distances, as well as easy determination of their depth.