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The NOKTA PULSE DIVE detector: your ally in underwater research

The Nokta Pulse Dive detector supports you in deep sea research.


NOKTA PULSE DIVE : exigez le meilleur détecteur

Indeed, the NOKTA PULSE DIVE model counts with the best plunging detectors of the moment. The box is notably composed of several accessories, pointers and head offering you more possibilities.

In short, the whole thing sees itself as a 2 in 1 detector with great performance. In other words, it can serve as a detection device as well, and serve you for aquatic localization simultaneously.

In addition, this model is perfectly suited for use in both fresh and salt water. In both media, its pulsed induction always penetrates the water, also up to a maximum depth of 6 meters.

Caractéristiques du détecteur Nokta Pulse Dive

-Several integrated detection systems: Audio, by vibration, by audio and simultaneous vibration, by LED
-Sensitivity adjustable to 5 levels
– Frequency offset
-Possibility of use with the Nokta Makro 2.5 GHz wireless headset
-LED lighting with on / off function

When you immerse the device, the diving function automatically locks the control buttons. Thus, the pressure of the depths does not risk triggering them.

In addition, without activity for 5 minutes, this detector emits audio and visual signals.
Finally, the box has a protective plastic shell designed for the pointer. Concretely, this accessory protects the pointer from wear as well as possible shocks.

NOKTA pulse Dive

Le kit de détection aquatique Nokta Pulse Dive inclut :

1-A control sleeve for a better grip

2-A diving disc

3-Disk protection

4-A pointer disc

5-A protective shell for interchangeable pointer

6-A belt hostler

7-A safety cordon

8-A protective cover for the battery compartment

9-A cap protecting the coil connector against dust

10-A charging cable with USB plug

11-A user manual also accompanied by a warranty certificate

12- A transport and protective case made of rigid material