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NOKTA VELOX ONE, detect jewelry, coins and old objects

The NOKTA Velox One, the ideal detector for finding coins, jewelry, old objects and weakly conductive objects that are difficult to detect. In addition, it is also ideal for very mineralized or saturated ferrous terrains.



NOKTA Velox One: why choose it?

First of all because he is a specialist in certain types of detection. Then, it combines increased depth, perfect rejection of iron, reactivity while remaining easy to use. In addition, it has several modes preset according to the degree of mineralization as well as its new disc of 28cm DD to allow you a comfortable direction.

However, while the other detectors will not function optimally on soil saturated with nails or on wet sand, the NOKTA Velox One will be perfect. Indeed it is not sensitive to these properties, which will allow you to reach a very important depth.

Méthode de recherche avec NOKTA VELOX ONE

NOKTA Velox One: search mode

In addition, the NOKTA Velox One detector has an IRON potentiometer that allows you to completely ignore ferrous objects. This will make it easier for you to focus on the essentials in heavily polluted areas. In addition, it also allows the ground effect to be identified as iron and therefore to be eliminated by deactivating the potentiometer.

In addition, NOKTA Velox One offers metal discrimination thanks to its three tones.

NOKTA VELOX ONE – Spécifications techniques

VLF technology
Frequency 17.5 KHz
Multiton Sound target identification
3-tone audio discrimination
Sensitivity Manual adjustment
Ground effect Manual adjustment
28cm waterproof DD disc
Battery 8 AA alkaline batteries
Headphone jack: 6.5mm mono
Extendable length from 121 to 142cm
Weight 1.9 kg disc included
2 year warranty

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