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NOKTA POINTER, locate a target easily

If you are looking for a detector that will locate your target quickly and easily, then NOKTA POINTER is for you. Indeed, being able to be used under water as on ground this apparatus quickly rakes the large surfaces.



NOKTA POINTER: how to search?

First, the NOKTA POINTER has a sensitivity setting. That is, it can be adjusted to the environment in which you operate to achieve the best performance and detect even small targets. Moreover, you can prospect even at night thanks to its LED torch. When you detect something, a beep and vibrations alert you, you can choose this mode. Thus, in order to save it, the NOKTA POINTER also has an automatic closing after 5 minutes of inactivity. In addition, the device has a coil interference lock when it is turned off. Thus, it allows you to eliminate possible interference, and thus the NOKTA POINTER does not become a target.

Finally, the detector comes with two protective probe covers to prevent wear.

Méthode de recherche avec NOKTA POINTER:

NOKTA POINTER – Spécifications techniques

11.6 kHz detection frequency
Program 10 levels of sensitivity
Target identification Sound and / or vibration
Water resistance up to 1 m deep
Anti-loss alarm No
360 ° Lateral and frontal detection zone
Weight 235 g
Power supply 1x 9v battery
Autonomy 30 hours
Yes Retune
Included accessories Carrying case, 9v battery, protective cap
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