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MAKRO RACER 2 gold detector, advanced RACER technology

The MAKRO RACER 2 detector is at the cutting edge of technology so that you can find jewelry, relics, coins. Thus, thanks to all its features such as Notch, Filter, Iron, Audio, Tone Break, iSAT it becomes very efficient.


MAKRO RACER 2: features

The MAKRO RACER 2 detector is at the cutting edge of technology. Indeed with its new features, its DEEP mode, its waterproof discs but also its ability to discriminate. Thus, it is endowed with exceptional performance. As a result, you can find high performance and unequaled depth. But also its capacity for advanced discrimination, its professional design, and its superior quality. This is why it adapts to difficult terrain. In addition it has an LED flashlight to prospect even at night or in dark places. Finally, it has an optional 2.4GHz Wireless headset, a Pinpoint and a depth indicator.

Méthode de recherche avec le Makro Racer 2

MAKRO RACER 2 – Spécifications techniques

Operating principle VLF
Operating frequency 14 kHz
Audio frequencies 100 Hz – 700 Hz adjustable
Search modes 5 (All metals / Two tones / Three tones / Range / Deep)
Iron Audio Yes
Tone Break Yes
Notch Filter Yes
Automatic / Manual / Tracking Floor Balance
Pinpoint Yes
Variable frequency Yes
vibration Yes
Gain adjustment 01-99
Target identification 00-99
Detection head 28.5 cm x 18 cm (11 “x 7”) DD
Custom LCD screen
Weight 1.4 kg (3 lbs.) Including search coil and batteries
Length 120 cm – 140 cm (47 “- 55”) adjustable
Battery 4 x AA Alkaline Battery
2 years warranty

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