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GER GOLD SEEKER state-of-the-art gold detector

GER Gold Seeker is the state-of-the-art native gold and precious metals underground detector. Indeed, it combines several new technology systems in order to get the best out of precision.



GER Gold Seeker why?

First, the GER Gold Seeker is quick and easy to use. Indeed, it uses the most modern and precise system to detect native gold and coins buried underground. Thus, its two systems make it possible to determine whether metals are precious or not. Indeed, the detector generates a signal to the search coil which in turn generates a current signal in a spiral. As a result, it will then create spiral waves amplified at more than 1,000 pills per second to help the device cover greater depths and analyze the target signal to determine whether the metal is precious or not.

Finally, the unique feature of this device is its ability to calibrate with the soil to ensure that it is not affected by signals resulting from the humidity in the soil but also from mineral rocks, etc.

Méthode de recherche avec le Gold Seeker

The research method of GER Gold Seeker

Thus, once the ground calibration process and the sensitivity adjustment have been carried out, the search can begin. This is why the user begins his search by lifting the search coil 2cm above the ground by sweeping from right to left. Then a metal signal is detected if the device beeps continuously and the green indicator lights up.

Finally, if the signal is weak, the user must press the synchronization button to increase the detection range of the coil to reach greater depths.

In addition, in order to ensure that the type of target is precious or not, the user just has to pass the coil slowly over the target, to stop above it, keeping it 2cm above the ground.

Gold Seeker – Spécifications techniques

1. Gold Seeker works with a pulsed induction system.
2. soil calibration system.
3. The indicator lights work on the control panel of the appliance handle:
– First, the red light indicates the existence of non-precious metals (ferrous).
– Then, the green light indicates the existence of precious metals (non-ferrous).
– Finally, the adjustment button with a blue indicator whose function is to increase the detection range of the coil to reach greater depths.

Then, what are the other technical specifications?

4. Gold Seeker contains two search coils:
– Large coil: specialized for detecting large metals.
– Small coil: specialized for detecting small metals.
5. Works with the BT 144 battery.
6. Reaches up to 3.5 meters deep in the ground.
7. Gold Seeker has the ability to penetrate soil layers to great depths which are difficult for many other devices to reach.
8. It works on all kinds of terrain and in the most difficult climatic conditions.
9. The device is not affected by all types of soil and rock.
10. The weight of the device with the bag and the complete accessories is only 7.5 kg.
11. This device is designed to be used in all countries and regions.
12. Two years warranty from the date of purchase.
13. The Gold Seeker device is one of the best German innovations with the European certification cε according to international specifications.

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