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NOKTA FORS GOLD PLUS, the gold detector of streams and rivers

NOKTA Fors Gold Plus is the gold prospecting detector with advanced capabilities. Thus, thanks to its frequency of 19 KHz. But also to its modes of discrimination, it adapts perfectly to difficult terrain. In addition, its two waterproof Double-D discs make it an excellent gold detector. Especially for use in streams and rivers.



NOKTA Fors Gold Plus: for small targets

The NOKTA Fors Gold Plus detector provides ground tracking using the automatic and manual ground effect. Thus, visible and invisible changes in the soil have consequences on the depth of detection. But also on the ability to discriminate. This is why, you can activate this function in order to improve the performance of your detector on an appropriate floor.

In addition, to avoid missing small targets at depth, scanning with the search coil is available. So, then make sure that the target type is valuable or not, by slowly passing the spool over the target.

Méthode de recherche avec NOKTA FORS GOLD PLUS

NOKTA Fors Gold Plus: for difficult terrain

In addition, the NOKTA Fors Gold Plus detector allows prospecting on the most difficult terrains. Indeed, whether they are strongly mineralized for example, the NOKTA Fors Gold Plus still works perfectly thanks to its new modes and advanced settings.

NOKTA FORS GOLD PLUS – Spécifications techniques

Favorite field Mineralized interior lands
Detection frequency 15 kHz
Operating principle All multi-tone metals
Audible and visual target identification
Yes Screen
Adjustment of ground effects Manual or automatic
Type of disc Double-D disc 28 x 18 cm waterproof
Weight 1.8 kg
Power supply 4 1.5 V batteries or Lithium battery
Autonomy 30 hours
Telescopic Pole
Headphone jack Yes

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