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Easy Way – Système d’imagerie 3D

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Easy Way, the 3D imaging detector

If you are looking for a concealable gold, metal and underground cavity detector that can detect up to 18 meters deep and has 3D imagery, Easy Way is your nugget.


Easy Way: the association of confidentiality and efficiency

Indeed, the Easy Way metal, gold or cavity detector is very practical to use. Thus, it has 3D imagery, and its small size allows it to be used in confidentiality. Indeed, the size of some of its parts has been reduced for maximum practicality without losing its capacity. As a result, it has become the ideal practical device for prospecting and exploration enthusiasts.

Easy Way is easy to use. Indeed, just press the ON button and a global scan of the search area is available to you. Thus, thanks to its 3D imaging system it scans all the metals in the area you were traveling through, and transcribed them on your tablet screen in high resolution. This is why on your screen, caves, cavities, gold, and many other metals may appear. Thus, you will even know the quantity that there is under your feet, as well as their depth. Benefit from a choice of language so that your tool best suits you, in addition to being precise and professional.

Easy Way, 3D imaging, how does it work?

Finally, the device going up to 18 meters deep to search for targets, it is important to understand its 3D operation. Thus, its imaging system uses an innovative and highly professional analysis program. That’s why it tells you exactly how deep your target is, whether it’s day or night, and whatever the climate.
In order to make the right choice, do not hesitate to compare the different devices in our range, the Titan GER 400 for example offers other features.

easy way smart

Caractéristiques techniques de l'appareil :

The easy way metal detector 3D imaging system works with a 12 volt battery.
He can therefore work 6 hours without interruption.
Its analytical imaging program integrates the following languages:
(French + English + German + Arabic + Italian + Russian + Turkish + Persian)

Advanced German technology. It obviously complies with European standards.

We wish you good luck in your explorations.

  1. Central unit containing the main processor of the device and the control panel
  2. Transmitting antenna
  3. Handle (controller)
  4. Special device to install it on the foot
  5. 220 volt household electric charger
  6. Tablet integrating the installed search programs
  7. Shockproof case to transport and protect the device and its accessories
  8. User manuals in several languages
  9. Two year warranty from date of purchase