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OKM BLACK HAWK, pulsed induction metal detector

OKM BLACK HAWK, the pulsed induction metal detector. Indeed, this very effective metal detector has a high performance for detecting in the depths. Even on different types of soils.



OKM BLACK HAWK, what is pulsed induction?

Firstly by using the latest technologies in the field of pulsed induction engineers have managed to enlarge the dimensions of the field of detection to obtain a higher performance in depth. Thus, the OKM BLACK HAWK is a very effective metal detector on all types of floors. Indeed, by using a vortex current automatically modifying a slowdown of impulse to be created. Thus this affects the transmit probe to receive probe.

Caractéristiques supplémentaires du OKM Black Hawk sont:


Therefore, you can use several types of frames of 150 x 150 cm for example. In this sense, usable for objects at very great depth. But still the disc of 16 cm for gold nuggets. Indeed, for maximum accuracy the OKM BLACK HAWK adapts to all floors. But also to all types of research. Indeed, it can find isolated nuggets up to 45 cm deep, like treasures buried at 8 meters. Thus, the OKM BLACK HAWK detector creates a high energy electromagnetic field. Thus, it allows the detector to look further than any other model of this type. Finally, it goes on all terrains without being hampered by the mineralization or the black sands.