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NOKTA FORS CORE, the professional metal detector

NOKTA Fors Core is a professional metal detector designed with advanced technology. Thus, it represents the perfect choice for the detection of coins and relics.



NOKTA Fors Core: detector minimizing ground effects

First of all the NOKTA Fors Core is a detector which minimizes the effects of highly mineralized soils thanks to its different search modes, its ID masking function and its advanced settings. In addition, it has 4 search modes. Indeed, you will find the modes:

  • General (GEN), the most powerful of the detector. Thus, with its constant sound threshold you can search in depth by listening to the variations in sound.
  • discrimination (DI2), 2-tone discrimination mode. In this sense, it minimizes the effect of mineralization, and provides depth.
  • discrimination (DI3), 3-tone discrimination mode. Therefore it is suitable for areas that contain different types of metals.
  • conductive soil (COG), for conduction soils. In addition, it does not respond to ferrous targets.

Having arrived on the market for a short time, the Nokta Fors Core has distinguished itself by its power and simplicity.

In addition, the Nokta Fors Core is also equipped with:

  • a vibrating wrist allowing him to work in silence / sound
  • an LED torch, illuminating the search area
  • electronic location of targets by trigger, to target and indicate the depth of finds

So when you detect targets on the surface, the Nokta tells you with a very distinct audible signal. In addition, this is particularly appreciable in polluted ground, since it makes it possible to eliminate a good number of waste.

In addition, the Nokta FORS CORE is very concentrated in power. Indeed with its 15 kHz, and its unique technology, it will surprise all prospectors from amateur to professional, regardless of the type of terrain.

Thus, designed with advanced technology, it allows the detection of coins and relics.

Finally, the FORS Core is an all-terrain detector that can be easily used on the beach. But also on mineralized soil, and rocky areas which are difficult for other detectors. The FORS Core detector works perfectly on all terrains without sacrificing its performance, thanks to its waterproof discs and advanced settings.

Méthode de recherche avec NOKTA FORS CORE

NOKTA FORS CORE – Spécifications techniques

15khz frequency
autonomy 30h approx
power supply 4 LR6 batteries
multi tone yes
weight 1.8kg
wired headset included in the pack
double D disc 28.5 x 17.5
disc protector provided
2 years warranty
yes display
waterproof disc waterproof
user manual in French

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