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MINELAB CTX3030: the most precise target identification

The MINELAB CTX3030 is an all-terrain device which is distinguished by an extremely efficient target identification.
You will therefore find even more treasures on the LCD screen! Even in the most polluted soils and in all ground conditions.

15 à 20 heures

MINELAB CTX3030: performance, versatility and GPS support

In addition to its performance in target identification, the MINELAB CTX3030 has a built-in GPS that simplifies prospecting. You can therefore indicate the places already visited. You can also find out how to get to the field of future detection. The “PC XChange 2” application transfers all your information to Google Maps. Finally, GeoTrails shows the path you have already traveled, “waypoints” indicate points of interest and “findpoints” point to your treasures. You can then easily navigate to your favorite locations and categorize your discoveries.

ctx3030 detecteur dor

Features to explore all terrains

Versatile detector capable of prospecting fields and forests as well as wet sand beaches and dry sand dunes (in clean or polluted grounds). The MINELAB CTX3030 combines ground and underwater prospecting. It is indeed waterproof up to 3 m. Thanks to the quick menus, you can easily access the “on the move” settings. Intelligent functions (sensitivity, noise canceling, ground balancing, etc.) make it possible to quickly modify the most used controls during detection. With “ferrous” and “conductivity” discrimination, along with adjustable tone identification profiles, you can easily identify the targets you are looking for and reject the others.


A tool adapted for all levels of expertise

Beginner treasure hunters benefit from the simplicity of activation, the many automatic functions and the 5 predefined search modes. And more seasoned prospectors can solicit advanced functions (easily accessible in one command). Everyone appreciates the freedom of wireless audio.


  1. The Full Band Spectrum 2 (FBS 2). Uses multi-frequency transmission and data that the disk sends to the detector. This is to find more targets in varying soil conditions. Very useful especially in mineralized environments.
  2. The Smartfind feature 2. Provides digital signal processing and FeCo (ferrous / conductivity) discrimination. Very accurate (with color display) for better results in target identification.
  3. The GPSi system. Develops a very high sensitivity for precise recording of geolocations.
    Finally, the Wi-Stream provides a very fast wireless audio (low power) without loss of sound quality.

   Technical specifications
PREDICTION FIELD Clean interior land (fields, forests, grasslands, dry beach sand)
PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Multi-tone discrimination
DISC TYPE 27 cm Double D FBS, waterproof
WEIGHT 2.3 kg
POWER SUPPLY 4 AA batteries 1.5 volts
AUTONOMY 15 to 20 hours
CANE Telescopique