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Discover the Minelab GPZ 7000 now. This avant-garde device was specially designed for gold nugget researchers who work on mineralized soils. The Minelab GPZ7000 is an even more efficient version than its predecessor: the GPZ 5000. The Minelab GPZ 5000 was already a benchmark in the field of nugget detection on this type of soil.

gpz7000 detecteurdor
gpz7000 detecteurdor

The future of gold nugget detection

The Minelab GPZ7000 allows you to detect gold, even in extreme depths. It surpasses besides 40% the series of GPX devices. Goldfields have no chance of hiding the metal they contain. On mineralized lands, you will also be filled with its efficiency. The Minelab GPZ7000 automatically adapts to soil variations, with impressive ease. You can try it, even in the most extreme geological conditions, it will never let you down.

This unit also has an extraordinary sensitivity. Thanks to its Super-D disc, you will unearth all the nuggets present on your field, even those missed by the previous detectors.

gpz7000 detecteurdor


  1. Simplified menu system : you have a very intuitive access to all the parameters of the device, thanks to the logical organization of its menu. Find similar functions, grouped in two sections: Detect and Map. In addition, guided procedures allow you to discover this device in a simplified way.
  2. Wireless audio : thanks to the built-in loudspeaker in the device itself, there is no need for a headphone connected to it. The device warns you by an audible signal in all circumstances. Alternatively, you can use a wireless headset for total freedom of movement.
  3. Smart location system: you can, in the blink of an eye, visualize your location. In addition, you have the option to record the location of detected nuggets. In short, with this revolutionary option, you’ll be able to cover a lot of terrain, more efficiently than any other device. In addition, the GPZ 7000 is connected to Google Maps. You can save your data on XChange, and later find your favorite places.
  4. Resistance to interference : no less than 256 channels are dedicated to the suppression of interference.
  5. Disk sealing : Do you want to use the Minelab GPZ 7000 in water? No problem, because GPZ 14 is water resistant. Can dive up to 1m deep, it allows you to search for gold in wetlands and rivers. Even in the rain, nothing will stop you with this detector.