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OKM GOLD LABOR, the state-of-the-art gold detector

Are you looking for a state-of-the-art detector to detect native gold? Then the OKM GOLD LABOR is for you. Indeed, this detector is for gold prospectors, miners, and prospectors. Thus, they determine the gold content, deposits of gold and minerals as well as the soil samples.



OKM GOLD LABOR: determine the gold content

Indeed, if you are looking for gold, miner or prospector, then this detector is for you. So you can through this one determine the gold content of gold and mineral deposits. But also the soil samples. That’s why thanks to several steps the OKM Gold Labor gives you the final result on the screen of the central unit. As a result, you will find information about the content of your soil sample in grams per tonne.

That’s why if this value is high then a lot of gold is available under your feet.

Caractéristiques supplémentaires du Rover C4 sont:

OKM GOLD LABOR: data analysis

So, once your soil sample in OKM GOLD LABOR recopies, analyze the gold content of the soil. Thus, with several samples from the same field to know if it is really worth it. That’s why this device saves you valuable time and energy. Indeed, do not strive to search on land where there is nothing.

This is why thanks to its analysis steps, the detector, thanks to its two-wire spiral coil, determines the content. However, do not neglect cleaning the container after each sample measurement. In this sense, a gold particle can distort all of your subsequent measurements.

In order to help you, all the steps are visually represented on your colorful screen of the central unit. Thus, the detector guides you step by step through the measurement procedure. With an autonomy of 5 hours for about 600 measurements.


Put a soil sample in the container

Fill a soil sample into the Gold Labor At Au 79, start the measurement and get the gold content from the soil. Repeat this with several samples to see if it is worthwhile to start the gold panning process.

So using this gold detector helps you find reasonable places for gold panning or even gold mining. During the measurement of Gold Labor Au 79, the following steps will be performed:

  • Turn on your Au 79 Gold. If the sample container has not been cleaned after the previous measurement, you must clean it first. Any gold particle that remains stuck in the sample container distorts the measurement of gold.
  • Place your soil sample in the sample container and remove any ferromagnetic materials included (eg black sand). Therefore, one of the sample container covers has a built-in magnet to capture the magnetic particles that are included in your soil sample.
  • The final step determines the gold content of your soil sample by shaking the sample container several times. The two-wire spiral coil segmented without electrolysis of the sample container recognizes the gold particles and calculates the gold content.

All the steps are represented visually on the colored screen of the central unit. In addition, you will be guided step by step in the measurement procedure. The built-in battery lasts approximately 5 hours which corresponds to approximately 600 measurements. The use of this gold detector is very simple.


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