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The best gold detector depth 5m meets the name GER TITAN 1000

You want to find gold? Are you new to this subject? experienced researcher? Or simply passionate about great adventures? Is your land perhaps full of hidden treasures? You will never know it without the help of the best 5m deep gold detector, the GER TITAN 1000. This one is very powerful because it makes it possible to locate the gold and this to a very great depth. This is a characteristic not to be overlooked because gold can be buried deep in the ground. That’s why having a high-performance detector will ensure you do not miss out on any gold nuggets!

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The best gold detector depth 5m: what does the GER Titan 1000 have in the belly?

Locate the target

First of all, the best 5m depth gold detector is equipped with a state-of-the-art long range system. It allows to locate with great ease and precision your target. You are thus guaranteed to use a powerful device during your research. When the device has detected the target, its antenna moves towards the object found. In order to validate this first step, confirm the direction of the target with the cardinal points.

A signal will guide you next. Follow it until the GER Titan 1000 moves and turns around. This tells you that you have crossed the point where your target is. The next step is to validate the location of the object via the North, South, East, and West directions.

As soon as the position of the target is validated, you can activate the 3D imaging mode. In order to know exactly where it is, scan the ground either in parallel or  zigzag. Thanks to the pulsed induction mode, you can provide proof that the target is definitely under your feet. Its location will be even more precise.

Determine the depth

It is also possible to establish the depth via the long distance system. To do this, measure an angle of 45 degrees to the right and to the left of the target. As soon as this is done, walk. Once the camera turns around, take a measurement of the distance from the center of the target to the point where the camera turned. The result obtained represents the depth between you and the target.

To illustrate this method, let’s take an example. Imagine that the distance between the turning point of the aircraft and the center of the target is 2 meters. This means that the desired depth is 2 meters. Finally, all you have to do is find out what you have found.

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