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Professional gold detector: devices that adapt to your needs

Whatever the type of object you are looking for, the GOLD HUNTER, DeepSeeker and TITAN 1000 professional gold detectors will be able to accompany you. Indeed, you can go as much in search of gold as in search of gold coins or cavities.

detecteur d'or professionnel

Among the objects that a professional gold detector can discover, we find first of all natural gold (gold nuggets or gold veins). Then buried gold (jewels and gold statues) as well as silver objects. With the long range detector, you can explore the river beds, forests or seaside to dislodge gold nuggets. Similarly, the GOLD HUNTER professional gold detector can also be used on wet floors. So you will not have to worry about treasure hunting on rainy days. In addition to this, this detector reacts accurately when it locates a modification of ionic and magnetic fields in the medium in which it is located.

Then, GER Detect specifically developed the professional gold detectors so that they are able to probe new sites and terrains.

Finally, if you have no mark when you are in the field, these detectors will be of great help to you.

In order to see a little more clearly, you can discover below the presentation of the different devices mentioned in this article. Each professional gold detector is associated with its price, as well as its characteristics. So you can easily compare them. The models GOLD HUNTER, TITAN 400 and TITAN 1000 will be true allies which you would not be without. Even if you already own a professional gold detector, do not hesitate to inquire what our models can bring you more in your research.

détecteur d'or professionnel

Where can I get a professional gold detector?

Above all, we want our customers to have no trouble getting our products. So we try to find a professional gold detector as close as possible to your home. We currently own two showrooms; in Brussels.

In addition, our customers who want to acquire a detector of metals, gold or ground radar before visiting us in our shop. That’s why, by coming to Inventum Detector, they wanted a long-distance detector. And that in order to combine it with their previously purchased detectors. These are from different brands such as: okm, minelabs, fisherlabs, garrett, nokta, makro -tesarro- xp deus

Other professional gold detector model

Firstly, the range of OKM brand detectors includes: OKM exp 6000, OKM exp 4500. As well as OKM rover uc, OKM rover gold, OKM bionic x4, OKM rover c2 and OKM gold labor.

Regarding the brand minelabs, we find: minelabs xterra, minelabs equinox 800. As minelabs safari minelabs ctx 3030. minelabs sdc 2300, minelabs gpx 5000 and minelabs gpz 7000

Then Garett’s products are as follows: ace garrett 2500 and garrett at pro. As well as garrett at gold-garett gti 2500 and garrett atx.

The makro brand features makro cf 77, makro deephunter and makro Kruzer.

And finally, the Nokta brand offers nokta golden sense, nokta goldenking, nokta fors gold, nokta fors core, nokta impact and Nokta Invenio models.

Professional gold detector operational in all countries

From Belgium and France to Algeria, via Tunisia, Congo, Guinea, Morocco and much more, you will be able to explore the soil of any country!

Thanks to the success of the professional gold detectors we offer, customers flock to our stores. They want to get a professional gold detector to get their hands on a hidden treasure. Depending on the options of the different detectors, you will find different prices. In our showrooms, we expose our various detectors. Including the GER, the Gold Hunter and the DeepSeeker. But also the Titan 500, the Titan 1000, the Easy Way, as well as the Diamond Hunter. For underground water detectors, you’ll find Fresh Result, Farm Live and River F.

We highly appreciate the trust placed by our customers. And this in terms of professional gold detector long distance. In other words, knowing that our customers are satisfied with the acquisition of their detector motivates us. In addition, we are encouraged when they wish to buy a 3D metal detector in the near future. That’s why we do not want to disappoint our customers and we strive to offer the best professional gold detectors. Our satisfaction is to hear, through returns, that our customers collect treasures through our detectors.

Nos détecteurs d'or

Gold Hunter

2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)

Gold Hunter, long range gold detector

If you are looking for gold, buried treasure or diamonds, then the Gold Hunter is for you. Indeed, thanks to its multiple functionalities, it allows simple and effective detection at long range.


13100,00 HTVA    (15851,00 TVAC)

TITAN GER 1000, detector with five systems

The first device in the world using 5 detection systems. Use advanced technology to detect gold and treasures buried on the ground using the TITAN GER 1000 detector.