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Most powerful gold detector: focus on the Titan Ger 1000

Our model Titan Ger 1000 has the particularity of combining 5 different systems in a single device. This is what makes him the most powerful gold detector that enthusiasts can meet.

detecteur d'or le plus puissant

Inventum Detector presents its most powerful gold detector

First, it can detect gold to a depth of 45 meters below the ground. Then, this model at the forefront of technology can cover a very large distance. Thus, you will discover all traces of gold and treasures buried in a field of 2500 square meters. You will understand, equipped with the Titan Ger 1000, you can go further in your treasure hunts! Do not forget to mention that the Titan Ger 1000 is recognized as one of the best German innovations. It is without a doubt the fastest, lightest and easiest solution for any hobbyist and professional.

What are the technological features of the most powerful gold detector?

With the Titan Ger 1000, you do not focus your research solely on gold. Indeed, it is a device equipped with 5 search systems. Thus, you can opt for other types of metals; natural gold, copper, iron, bronze, silver or platinum. As a result, you will have the opportunity to conduct multiple searches in one place with one device! We can therefore say that the Titan Ger 1000 is a complete device and deserves its title of the most powerful gold detector. Here is an overview of the 5 different research systems that comprise it:

  • First, the long distance system gives you the ability to limit your search area. This system also makes it easier for you to identify the metal found.
  • Nature and time alter buried sites. Thanks to the system which allows to discover the ionic fields, you will be able to easily put hand on these buried sites.
  • In order to precisely visualize the desired object, the Titan GER 1000 has a 3D technology. In this way, you will have a clear visual of the ground, as well as the distance between you and the target.
  • The magnetic system guarantees you to detect the derivatives of iron in the ground. Finally, thanks to pulsed induction technology, the device can penetrate the ground with a great depth.

The Titan Ger 1000 has been designed to adapt to all regions and countries. Thus, you will be able to traverse mountainous reliefs as well as vast fields, forests and plains. This is a lightweight device. This makes it easier to transport, and therefore your treasure hunts to the four corners of the world.

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