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détecteur de métaux Algérie

Looking for a metal detector in Algeria? Would you like to discover Algeria’s hidden treasures? Or would you like to invest in professional equipment for your archaeological investigations? Inventum Detector suggests you read this article, which references many different items.

Why Inventum Detector?

First of all, Inventum Detector has been selling state-of-the-art metal detectors for many years now. Inventum Detector not only provides you with precise, high-quality equipment. But we can also give you valuable advice on how to use the detectors. Don’t hesitate to contact us on
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Discover our range of metal detectors Algeria

First of all, we offer you a device capable of targeting underground metal objects. This one named the
contains several trust systems. This powerful detector combines gold and metal detection and can also be used as a ground radar. If you’d like to opt for a 3D imaging system instead, Inventum Detector offers you a state-of-the-art device. Don’t be fooled by the size of the OKM ROVER UC provides 3D images of buried objects, and brings them straight to your smartphone! Finally, if you want to opt for a revolutionary system. We offer a detector with no less than 5 detection systems in a single device: the

. With this innovative system, you won’t miss a thing. We recommend these items:


In addition, Invectum Detector delivers throughout Algeria. We can deliver your detectors to Algiers, Oran, Contantine, Gabès and La Soukra.

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