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Groundwater detector: FRESH RESULT 2 PLUS, a world famous device

The FRESH RESULT 2 PLUS groundwater detector is able to detect any water source in various types of soil up to a depth of 1200 meters. That’s why this underground water detector has made a name for itself across the planet. Thanks to him, the GERDETECT brand has been propelled to the forefront of underground water detectors.

Advantage of the underground water detector: its simplicity to use

détecteur d'eau souterraine

Indeed, no need to have studied geology to understand the operation of the device. Thus, its handling is very easy so that your drilling is always a real success.

To help you locate the water with ease, the underground water detector works in 3 steps. First, the long range Fresh Fresh 1 system locates water currents. Then it’s up to you to intervene. When you arrive at the water deposits, place in the ground the different electrodes of the geo-electric system. Finally, a detailed report will appear on the screen. You will find the nature of the water in percentage, as well as its density and its exact depth.

The FRESH RESULT 2 PLUS underground water detector Looking to locate water deposits up to 1200 m deep?

In this case, we offer the FESH RESULT 2 PLUS which is a professional geoelectric detector for underground water detection. This allows among other things to carry out resistance measurements. It then provides you with a report showing the nature of the water. As well as salinity and depth of groundwater. Remember that water is detectable to a depth of 12000 meters.

In order to analyze the resistivity of the soil, this underground water detector is equipped with a geoelectric measuring system. As a result, it is able to detect groundwater deposits just by examining soil resistance. You will be able to locate water in the rock, clay, sand and other types of soil.

Our groundwater detector simplifies your search by showing you what to do. Once you have completed all the steps, the detailed measurements will appear on your screen.

At the equipment level, 4 electrodes and 4 cables accompany the FRESH RESULT 2 PLUS. It’s all in a shockproof case. The underground water detector is available in 4 languages ​​(English, German, French and Arabic)

FRESH RESULT 2: Experience of our customer

” Thank you for your help and advices. This device is really great. Other people from the neighboring villages came to see the water out. We were able to drill 400 meters. Everyone is talking about your machine for water in Algeria. “

karim from Algeria

Nos détecteurs d'eau souterraine

Fresh Result 1

2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)

Fresh Result 1, technical mixture and discrimination for groundwater

Are you looking for groundwater? Combine technical and high precision discrimination with a long distance detection system, thanks to the Fresh Result 1 detector.

Fresh Result 2 Plus

6200,00 HTVA    (7502,00 TVAC)

Fresh Result 2 Plus, geophysical system detector

Combine cutting edge technology with a long distance system and a geophysical system for detecting groundwater with Fresh Result 2 Plus.