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Gold Hunter long range system: a gold detector to discover without delay

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Through this article, we’re going to tell you about a metal detector that marked 2017 for the Gerdetect brand: we named the Gold Hunter long range system.

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Gold Hunter long range system: the detector that appeals worldwide

First of all, the Gerdetect brand’s worldwide reputation is well established. Indeed, our brand has grown to reach users in many countries. German expertise makes this long-distance detector a high-performance device. That’s why the Gold Hunter long range has managed to outperform other competing brands. Why is Gold Hunter long range the product of the year? This is because it is versatile, compact and can be used on all types of mineralized terrain.

What are the latest technologies?

Firstly, the new Gold hunter range is the first example of the latest technological advances. In fact, it is 100 times more powerful than its predecessor. This latest version is available from our showrooms in Brussels and Lille.

It’s important for us to share the latest cutting-edge technologies that drive the evolution of Inventum Detector products.

What does the new Gold hunter range come equipped with? It has two transmission circuits (a transmitter and a receiver) based on the ground induction principle.

To determine the precise location of an object, the Gold Hunter uses the North, South, East and West crossing mechanism.

Who is this metal detector for? The Gold Hunter long range is specifically designed for treasure hunters in search of gold over vast terrain.

Gold Hunter long range: Our customers’ experience

“I can honestly say that Inventum Detector has firmly cemented its place as my first choice. My experience has always been very pleasant! So I decided to visit Inventum Detector in Belgium. I followed Mr Yuksel’s advice. I was really convinced of the Gold hunter’s performance. And bingo, after 20 minutes of searching the country, I discovered my first gold nugget!

Gold Hunter

2300,00 HTVA    (2783,00 TVAC)

Gold Hunter, long-distance gold detector

If you're looking for gold, buried treasure or even diamonds, then the Gold Hunter is for you. Thanks to its multiple functions, it enables simple and effective long-distance detection.