Gold detector

Congo gold detector: the conquest of lost gold

détecteur d'or Congo

Looking for a Congo gold detector? Would you like to take a trip to the Congo in search of this precious metal? With Inventum Detector, it’s easier than ever to find your gold.

Why use Inventum Detector’s services?

First of all, Inventum Detector Belgium offers a wide range of gold detectors. No fewer than 29 gold detectors! Don’t be fooled by appearances. Our products, large or small, are extremely powerful objects that will impress you. What’s more, they’re available to you right now and will enable you to make some extraordinary finds. Wherever you are in the world, we can deliver very quickly. We can be reached by phone and WhatsApp (for foreigners) and
by e-mail
. What’s more, we offer products for every type of researcher. As far as prices are concerned, we cover prices ranging from 135 euros to 19,900 euros. So there’s something for everyone.

In search of Congolese gold: discover our Congo gold detector ranges

Thanks to Inventum Detector’s gold detectors, you’ll never lose another gold nugget.

First of all, for a very attractive price, we offer you a very special model. This one is called GOLD HUNTER and will enable you to quickly search large areas. Don’t be fooled by appearances: this little device is revolutionary. Secondly, for those who want a more powerful device. Inventum Detector offers you
Nokta FORS Gold plus
. This device allows you to detect nuggets close to the surface. Finally, if you have more technical knowledge, we recommend using the
. It is a sophisticated detector capable of detecting various metals at astonishing depths. We recommend these items:


Invectum Detector delivers throughout the Congo. We can deliver your detectors to Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Mbuji-Mayi, Kananga and Kisangani.

Finally, if you’d like to get in touch with Inventum Detector. Send us a message
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