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3D metal detector: Easy Way on the test bench

First of all, the Easy Way 3D Metal Detector is definitely the device you need! Thanks to its 3D imaging system, you will have the opportunity to do all the prospecting research that you want. You can also explore, easily and discreetly, the sites for the discovery of underground burials.

The technical specifications of the 3D metal detector

Do not be fooled by appearances ! Indeed, the 3D metal detector is extremely efficient and effective, despite its small size. So if you are a prospecting enthusiast or a treasure hunter, we have the perfect 3D metal detector for you! We named the Miniature Easy Way.

First, this 3D metal detector allows you to scan your search area in a global way in record time.

The device also has a three-dimensional imaging system capable of detecting all underground metals and voids. Once spotted, you can then examine them through the tablet screen.

Finally, you will immediately get high-definition 3D images for all types of terrain that you will probe. In addition, this 3D format will allow you to identify, via different stereoscopic graphics, the type of your target.

Add that the device is also able to accurately indicate the depth of the target.

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Easy Way – 3D imaging system

4100,00 HTVA    (4961,00 TVAC)

Easy Way, the 3D imaging detector

If you're looking for a concealable gold, metal and underground cavity detector that can detect to a depth of 18 meters, and features 3D imaging, Easy Way is your nugget.